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Download Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes to enjoy battle through various eras. Build your squad, level up your heroes, defeat epic bosses, and fight in iconic locations.

A Brief Introduction of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes APK

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a free-to-install mobile game application offered by electronic arts and released in November 2015. The game takes you into the galaxy for intriguing battles with light and dark-side heroes through exciting locations. You can customize and create a squad by gathering characters from various eras. Explore the game and get new characters as you go. Download Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes on your Android or iOS device.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes APK Game Description

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes APK is a fantastic action video game where you fight with powerful heroes. You will be able to come in contact with undefeated enemies and show off your fight skills and leadership.

When you get on the game, endeavor to explore fun missions and challenges. If you have ever harbored the thought of becoming a great hero one day, your dream will come through as you play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

You will notice many characters in the game that were featured in games and movies. You can choose from the hundreds of characters available to players in the game. Check out the stats of each character, makes the best selection, and build your squad.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes APK Gameplay

Prepare for the Universe of Holotable, where you will fight with your fellow gamers through the characters, villains, and heroes you have collected. The villains and heroes will come through a card. During battles, put the cards in the Holotable for your character to appear on the battleground automatically.

You are permitted to have up to five distinct characters on your table. Every character comes with unique abilities and powers. This way, you can pick up various approaches and tactics through the distinct character sets.

The battles in Star Wars Galaxy Heroes will be fought in turns, and you will be allocated a specific timeframe to make your moves. Pick a side, whether dark or light, and fight it out. At the end of the fight, either of the two sides will dominate the universe.

Features of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes APK

Let us check out the features of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes:

Pick Up Character and Create a Team

If you follow the Star Wars series, you will be familiar with the characters. The game features several characters from the series. You can choose from the one that speaks to you the most. While you gather heroes from the universe, you can decide to be a part of the dark or light side team.

Your strategy will help you greatly in the game, especially in picking characters for your team. Dedicate time to work on your characters for power-ups and upgrades. Note that you can open excellent abilities and powers for boosts when fighting. You can achieve this only if you have the right squad.

Along with the hundreds of distinct characters from Star Wars, the game features over a hundred units, and you can approach the battlefield using any of the multiple tactics provided.

Compete in Space Ship Battles

As you play and advance in the game, you will be able to gather spaceships or even construct your war fleet in preparation for battle.

You can make recruitment of heroes with the ability to pilot your armada. You can unlock unique abilities for your ship by recruiting custom units for the fleet.

To make your ship more formidable and capable of dominating the enemies, you must upgrade them. Enter the fleet arena competition to test your superior skill and strategy.

Join the arena also to show how well you know the capital ships in Star Wars. You will be rewarded with upgrades for your heroes when you have ship battles.

Be a Part of the Strategic Role Playing Battle

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes APK is a fast-paced RPG battle played in turns. Explore the game to turn over the surge of battle using appropriate strategies and reinforce and deploy heroes for battle. Play against other gamers to upgrade your team, gather loot, and overtake territories.

There are epic rewards to be gotten in the game. You can earn valued credits, shards, crystals, and special upgrades. Participate in guild wars to fight territorial combats for lands and claim dominance in the war. The PvP competition is also available for climbing ranks.

All these are possible in the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes APK.

Become The Galaxy Master

Command your team and upgrade your characters and heroes in the galactic roleplaying game. Increase your squad and become unstoppable when you give commands. Fight with various players online to climb the scoreboard and be the champion of the hologames. Join forces with every force in the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes APK.

Final Thoughts on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes can be played online for extra fun. You can lead the raid, fight the bosses and customize your team. Create a guild and fight the guild wars with your friends. Do not hesitate to dominate territories and put out a good number of resources when the battle becomes intense.

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