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SD Movies Point APK is a movie and TV show streaming service for various industries. It also offers content from many genres including horror, action, drama, etc.

Introduction To SD Movies Point

SD Movies Point APK is an application for the website SD Movies Point. It offers the exact same services as the website. SD Movies Point APK has a massive catalog of movies and TV shows that users can watch for free. They can watch either by steaming online or downloading them to watch offline without any chance of buffering. SD Movies Point APK mainly offers the latest Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi movies and TV shows, but offers content from other famous Industries like Hollywood, Punjabi, etc.

Unlike other similar movie and TV show streaming platforms, SD Movies Point APK does not require any registration or anything for utilizing its services. Users can change the video quality whilst streaming in case it buffers often. This is helpful for users with low wifi connection strength. You can create lists with your favorite content added to them and get notified for any news about them. SD Movies Point APK has both origian and dubbed audio for every movie and TV show.

How To Use SD Movies Point APK

  • First and foremost, go into your Android device’s settings, in the security tab, allow the install from Uknown Sources option. This is required because you will be downloading the SD Movies Point app through android APK, as it is not available on the PlayStore.
  • If you have installed APKs before then you can skip this and move on.
  • Now look for the SD Movies Point APK Android installation file download link on APKCima.
  • This link should start the downloading the installation file.
  • Once the download finishes, go into the file manging app on your Android device and find the installation file you just downloaded. It will be in the “Recently Downloaded” section of the files.
  • Run the file to start its installation procedure. Go through with the procedure and launch the SD Movies Point APK app.’
  • Browse through the library of TV shows and movies the app offers or use the search tool to find one you wish to watch.
  • Choose whether you want to stream your chosen movie/TV show online or download it.
  • Choose the quality you want to download or watch it, and then enjoy!

Amazing Features Of SD Movies Point APK

SD Movies Point APK offers some unique features and improvements that other streaming platforms do not have. Some of these features are given below.

High Quality Streaming Options

SD Movies Point APK offers several streaming links in case some of them are not working or temporarily down. All of them provide high quality streaming with little to no buffering. In case your wifi connection is weak or fluctuating causing buffering, you can change the video quality to lower the amount of packets required for streaming and therefore reducing your buffering drastically.

Customizable Download Option

SD Movies APK also offers a custimzatble download option. Users can choose the video quality of their download, this will effect the download speed. Additionally, users can choose the subtitles they want before the download starts. This will save some time as you will not have to look for the subtitle file online. Additionally, users can also download their desired audio for the movie/TV show.

Dual Audio And Subtitles

Every movie and TV show comes in its original version, and a dubbed version. SD Movies Point APK is especially famous for having dubbed audio in various languages including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and many more. Additionally, subtitles for all the content in SD Movies Point APK’s library are also available in many different languanges.

Easy-To-Use User Interface

SD Movies Point APK has a very straight-forward User Interface. You will have no difficulty navigating through the app to find and watch your favorite movies and TV shows. The search tool really adds to this being very quick and responsive.

No Subscription Required

Most high quality movie streaming platforms require the users to a paid subscription before being able to use their services. SD Movies Point APK on the other hand is completely free, and provides just as high quality content as any other paid application or website. Additionally, it does not even require any registration, just download the app, and start watching!

Tips To Use SD Movies Point APK

We have given some tips below to help you use SD Movies Point APK optimally and have a streamlined experiece.

Update Regularly

SD Movies Point APK’s developers launch new updates regularly, with small new features, quality of life updates, and bug fixes. Make sure you have the app updated at all time to utilize these new features and updates.

Choose Optimal Video Quality

Everyone’s wifi can bug out some times and give terrible download and upload speeds. To make sure this does not effect your viewing experience, lower your video quality so that the streaming does not buffer. In case your wifi is perfectly fine and you are still having issues with your video, try using a 3rd party video player such as VLC media player.

Utilize Download Feature

If you are going on a road trip, or some place where you won’t have wifi, download some movies or TV show episodes beforehand. This way you can watch even without wifi. Additionally, downloaded content cannot lag, so it can also be an alternative to streaming if you have wifi issues.


SD Movies Point APK offers just as good of a streaming service as any other paid app or website, but instead for free. It has a vast library of Telugu and Tamil content and  from various other industries as well, and all with dual audio.

If you are love watching movies and TV shows, and you do not want to spend money to get a decent watching experience, try SD Movies APK. Its free so theres nothing you have to lose for trying!

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