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SAKURA School Simulator APK 1.042.03



Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Size 292.93 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Garusoft Development Inc.
Google Play Link jp.garud.ssimulator

Sakura School Simulator APK is a 3D simulation game where you get to experience the life of a Japanese High School student. Download and enjoy the game now!

Introduction To Sakura School Simulator APK

Sakura School Simulator APK is an immersive real-life simulator game, it comes with amazing 3D graphics and colorful scenery that allows you to truly experience the life of a Japanese high schooler. The game offers several activities that you can choose to do with your player, some of which are taking classes, playing sports, or even getting into a romantic relationship with another character of your liking.

While many activities are optional, attending classes and completing assignments are necessary to remain in high school. Apart from these daily school life tasks, if you are feeling mischievous, you can also choose to take a different pathway and go on and lay waste to the town! You can find weapons and go ahead and attack people, although the game has no death, blood, and gore, all that happens is that whomever you attacked the previous day will start to hate you.

You can also choose a peaceful pathway and choose to become a hero by defeating the enemies and monsters that occasionally show up in school. Many missions and tasks will show up which you can choose to do to keep things interesting. Your player is also fully customizable therefore you can use this alternate reality world to become whoever you wish to be without the usual judgments and consequences of real-life actions.

How To Play Sakura School Simulator APK

  • To try out this amazing game and get the experience of a high school teenager in Japan you will have to download Sakura School Simulator APK 2024 from a trusted source.
  • Unfortunately, there are not many websites on the internet that deliver what they say, but you do not have to worry about any of that here on APKCima.
  • Just click the Sakura School Simulator APK download link to start downloading.
  • The file might ask for permission for downloading from unknown sources if it’s not already turned on.
  • You will have to finish the installation procedure by clicking on the newly downloaded Sakura School Simulator APK latest version file sitting in the file manager.
  • Starting off, you will be asked to pick a player, you can choose a male or female character according to your preference and change up their features.
  • Then you can go around the campus to explore your surroundings and understand the outlay.
  • You will see random quests and missions showing up which you will have to complete.
  • You will also be required to attend the classes, complete your assignments and keep your grades up as that is necessary to remain in school.
  • You are free to interact with other players or get into a relationship like a usual high schooler.
  • Unlock new features by the completed missions and progress in the story.
  • Something to keep your eye on will be the stats displayed for your character, they are about your character’s health, energy, and hunger. For your character to remain happy, healthy, and loved you will have to ensure all these requirements are actively fulfilled.

Astounding Feature Of Sakura School Simulator APK

Like every real-life simulator game, Sakura School Simulator APK latest version also has a unique story and several amazing features that might interest you. Some of those have been discussed below.

Discover Your Surroundings

Sakura School Simulator APK android has open-world gameplay. This means that you are not restricted to specific boundaries, instead, the producers have put in hard work to make every corner of the school a place that your character can roam to and explore. So, walk around freely and find your favorite hangout spots.

Customize Your Player

You do not have to be stuck with the same player when playing Sakura School Simulator APK, you can choose the gender of your player, and then you can make full use of the customization option to make your player look the best! You can change the skin, hair, and eye color along with the outfit and several other features. Different players have different built-in personalities, so you are going to have to try them out and figure out what works best for you.

Quests And Mini Games

Apart from the school life experience, you also get to complete quests and play mini-games to get rewards and upgrade to better features for your character. The quests can also be completed with your friend by utilizing the multiplayer option in Sakura School Simulator APK, this will make your experience all the more enjoyable.

Tips To Play Sakura School Simulator APK

Real-life simulation games are simple with easy controls, but the following few tips might help you play Sakura School Simulator APK better.

Play Choosing Different Characters

The game has several characters and all of them have been programmed to have varying personalities, therefore, to get the best experience playing the game, you will have to play the game while picking different characters. This will help you pick your favorite character and win the assigned quests to earn rewards.

Keep Your Character Healthy

Keeping the stats in check will be necessary as they tell you about the health, hunger, and energy of the character. If one of those diminishes too much, you could be in serious trouble.

Therefore remember to fill yourself up before going on a quest.


Real-life simulator games give you a chance to escape the real world for some time and enjoy a fantasy world. If you are a fan of games of this genre, or if you are looking to become a fan, start your journey with Sakura School Simulator APK. Enjoy the colorful and unreal experience of the life of a Japanese High Schooler on your Android device for free.

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