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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 75.78 Mb
Category Music & Audio
Developer Moon Video Inc.
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Download Resso APK to enjoy the awesome music features for free. This is a great music streaming app for enjoying your favorite music from anywhere anytime.

Introduction to Resso APK

Do you love listening to music? Then this is for you. Music has become a big kind of entertainment. People indulge in listening to music to pass the time or keep calm in difficult situations. In Resso APK, users will enjoy music and engage themselves in listening to a large library of interesting music.

Resso is a music-streaming application that engages users with many features while listening to their favorite songs by sharing thoughts on songs, creating lyrics, quotes, and many more. Resso APK has powerful tools to give every user a good music experience. You can choose to listen to podcasts or music on Resso APK.

However, as Resso APK offers users a great music experiment, there might be some disturbing ads showing up while enjoying your favorite song. To avoid this, you need the Resso APK. Resso APK has been developed to make users enjoy their songs without ads or disturbing content.

Asides from that, Resso APK latest version allows users to listen to music from their radio anywhere. You will agree that radio has become a popular channel, and with the Resso APK, users will find it easy to replay songs. Resso has been built to offer users categories they can play from (could be podcasts or songs). Also, you can switch between listening to podcasts or music.

Resso APK is a good music player application with outstanding features to enjoy your music experience. This application is similar to most popular music streaming apps like Spotify or Pandora, but its music player interface is exceptional and attractive. Download Resso APK to see its intriguing interface; you can get the Resso APK download just below as you read on.


ByteDance developed this application, the developers of the popular Tiktok; however, it was published by Moon Video Inc. Resso APK is growing well on google play with over 100 million downloads. This is super interesting. Join millions of users worldwide to explore this app and enjoy a great music experience. Resso APK has a free and premium version. Read on as we discuss more on the Resso Premium and the Resso Premium APK.

Description of the Resso Premium APK

This is the Resso APK version that has option to purchase premium. Resso APK has a premium version that involves subscription packages and many features you won't see in the Resso free version.

Resso Premium APK is also called Resso Pro APK or Resso Prime APK. So, if you find it this way as you read, we are talking about the same thing.

Resso Premium APK has premium features and also blocked all disturbing ads, therefore, allowing you to enjoy a smooth music experience. You will no longer be interrupted while listening to your favorite music.

Also, in the Resso Prime APK, you will enjoy music with good sound quality of up to 250kbs. Downloading this APK version will provide you with a better experience; there is no limit to your search category, and you will unlock the most hidden features.

Features of Resso Premium

You can't underemphasize the importance of listening to music with the best app. Resso APK has proved to be outstanding with its many features. Here are some features this app offer users;

Unique music interface

This is one of the most distinguishing features of Resso APK. Amidst other music streaming apps, Resso has one of the best music player interfaces that attracts users. Also, Resso is easy to use with its great user interface. You can search for song information quickly and log in to your account without wasting time.


Create community playlist

Users can curate a playlist and share it with others or friends. This playlist is called the community playlist, and this feature has helped Resso promote the music platform on a large scale.

Make lyrics quotes

Other similar music streaming apps display lyrics while you listen to songs; however, Resso APK is distinct as it allows you to create a quote from a song lyrics. While listening to music, you might find a song line captivating and interesting. Resso APK will enable you to turn such lyrics into quotes and share them with friends or on your social networks.

Connect with other users

Resso Premium APK has an inbuilt chat box where users can comment and share their thoughts about a song with other users. This feature allows you to connect with users worldwide.

Asides from that, you can like and reply to comments in the chat box, increasing your connection with people worldwide.

Multilingual support

Depending on your language, you can set your most preferred language and region on Resso APK. This application supports many languages like Hindi, English, Kannada, and others.

Download songs and enjoy offline

Resso Premium APK lets you download your favorite songs and listen to them offline or online. This feature ensures no limit to your experience while using the app.


By now, you already know all about Resso Premium; therefore, download this application and enjoy a great music stream experience.

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