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Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 14 MB
Category Education
Developer Probo Media Technologies

Probo APK is a unique betting app. It offers users questions about events that may or may not take place in the near future on which they can bet. Try it now!

Introduction To Probo APK – One of The Greatest Online Betting App

Probo APK is an online betting app that lets you bet on questions about events that may or may not happen in the near future. Your job as a user to take part in the bet is to look into the matter, choose whether it will or will not happen, and invest money in your decision. The topics of these questions range from sports and movies to even local Indian politics and finance.

Probo APK offers a news section that you can filter to provide news for the topics you are interested in for example sports or movies. You can gain the knowledge you need to create your opinions and views on upcoming events with help of the news. Additionally, you can also bet on global events from among these topics as well, and you can further filter these events on an hourly, monthly, or weekly basis. This is easily the safest betting or trading app available. Probo APK provides its users with an exit feature to have more control over their trades.

How To Use Probo APK 2024

  • Use the Probo APK download link on APKCima to download the installation file.
  • While this installation file is downloading, go to your Android device’s settings and toggle the option to express installation from unknown sources to be on. This option can be found in the security tab.
  • The installation file should not take too long as it has a relatively small file size, nevertheless, it still depends on your wifi speed and connection strength.
  • Once the Probo APK latest version installation file finishes downloading, run the file and express installation.
  • Now launch the Probo APK app, enter your number to receive an OTP, and verify your account.
  • Once you have successfully registered and logged in, you will see a list of various questions from various categories in the home tab.
  • You can continue scrolling and find a question you would like to express your opinion and invest in, or you could simply click on the search tab and select your desired category.
  • Once you have chosen a category and a desired question, you can decide whether or not the event in question will take place or not by choosing “Yes” or “No” and likewise, invest the amount of money you want.
  • You can click on the question to look at a visual representation of the price history, and a brief event overview that the app provides itself automatically.
  • You can further gain more knowledge about a certain category by looking at its respective news to get better results.
  • Funds can be added in the wallet tab on the top right.
  • The events you have invested some money can be seen in the portfolio tab.
  • If you win some money, it will instantly be added to your wallet.

Practical Features Of Probo APK

Probo APK has some features that make opinion trading very easy for all users. We will now take a look at a handful of these features.

Market Orders

The Market Orders feature provides users with instant matches. When you have chosen an answer to a question, and you are about to invest money into it, you have to choose the order type. There are only 2 types available, the market order and the limit order. Market order works best when there is relatively less time but the number of traders or investors is quite big. All you have to do is set the amount you wish to invest, a match will be made automatically at the best possible price available.

Instant Exit

This is a sub-feature of the previous feature, market orders. As mentioned earlier, you can exit trades. An instant exit works identically to a normal exit but follows the same procedure as a Market Order. When you want to exit a trade, turn on the option for Instant exit. This will find exit your trade at the optimal price available at the moment.

Built-in News Feed

Probo APK offers users an accurate news feed that is updated regularly. It will help users fully understand the question they chose and invest accordingly. Users can develop a better understanding of their desired category for example sports or politics, and verify their answers.

Tips To Use Probo APK

Here are some helpful tips you can observe to use Probo APK optimally.

Use Promo Codes

In the Wallet tab, you can see 3 types of balances; deposit balance, winnings, and promotional balance. If you are a new user, you should try using a referral code or a promo code that Probo APK gives out to everyone. You can invest using this promotional balance and even earn winnings without having to add funds.

Gain Knowledge With News Feed

Choose a category you are interested in and read its respective articles available on the news feed. Since the feed is updated regularly, the articles available will help you form an accurate opinion and in turn earn more money.

Utilize Exit Feature

Another tip for new users, is to go for questions that have a relatively long period of time until their result is released. Invest into your opinion and keep an eye on the price history. If it starts to go against your answer, it is recommended to exit the trade.


Everyone has an interest in different things. For some, it's sports or politics, for others maybe gaming or crypto. Probo APK gives everyone the opportunity to make use of this knowledge and earn some money online all with the help of their Android device. Probo APK is not only 100% safe, but it is also completely free. Download Probo APK today and start earning money now!

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