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PPSSPP Gold APK 1.17.1



Price Free
Compatible with Android 2.3+
Size 16.24 Mb
Category Action
Developer Henrik Rydgård
Google Play Link org.ppsspp.ppssppgold

Download PPSSPP APK to enjoy most of the PSP games for free. PPSSPP Gold APK has integrated the PSP emulator into your mobile device for a smooth game experience.

Detailed Description of PPSSPP APK

I believe you have heard of many game emulators before. PPSSPP APK is another outstanding game console emulator. This application allows you to play or run most games on the PSP(PlayStation Portable). PPSSPP APK handles all important performance to run effectively on your device; this app has been considered the best PSP emulator for Android users.

Back in the years, the internet was not popular, which affected games; they are not as diverse as we see them now. Most games were integrated into entertainment boxes or on PS. PlayStation Portable is one of the devices games are integrated into.

However, it is uncomfortable to carry these boxes everywhere hence the idea of integrating the PSP emulator into mobile devices. PPSSPP APK is the app used to incorporate the PSP emulator; it has proved effectiveness since its launch and has reached many users; therefore, it is widely accepted.

This application is effective in playing PlayStation portable games on your mobile device. It is capable of running all of the games published on Sony PSP. Henrik Rydgard developed and published this app with over 100 thousand downloads on Google Play. But you have to pay to access this app.


PPSSPP APK is also called the PPSSPP Gold Pro APK. This app is a portable game emulator, and it is simple to use.

The mechanism at which PPSSPP Gold APK works is such that it is a console re-engineering. It uses a chip integrated into your device to operate to achieve optimal performance so that even weak devices get the best use of the app.

This application supports an installer that can set up optimal configuration depending on your device.

Users are allowed to perform several actions with this app, like blocking a transfer, increasing or reducing the resolution for a smooth game experience, turning on and off acceleration, etc.

The developers have created this app such that you can download and run other games with this emulator, and this is super impressive.

PPSSPP offers users many features. For instance, if a game is lagging due to the inability to render an image, you can easily render the image by turning on the rendering mode together with the cache to increase its speed.

This ability is rarely seen in most game emulators. PPSSPP controllers have functional buttons to help users have a great experience which includes the D-pad and analog buttons. They are often located at the bottom of the home screen.

In addition, this app offers users PPSSPP APK full game access, and there are many PSP games to explore with this app. Download PPSSPP APK Android to access many other features it offers.

Features of PPSSPP Gold APK

Below are the features this application offers users;

Easy to use

Unlike other game emulators, PPSSPP is easy to use, and you only need to download the file to your phone storage and start using it. You can easily create folders for your games and extract the game file to the app. In addition, you have access to many settings to provide a great gaming experience.

Different game support

This is an outstanding feature this app offers; usually, this app is a great PSP games emulator; however, it supports more games, that is, you can incorporate many games into it with different methods. This is super amazing; therefore, you can play more games asides from the PSP game.

Enjoy Ad free experience

Ads content can disrupt your experience using the app or while playing games. The developers understood this, so they blocked all disturbing content that might disturb users' experience with the app.

Enjoy game store

There are a bunch of games in this application. The developers have provided the most recent and popular versions of games ranging from battlegrounds to the likes of cave stories and more.

Save Data

PPSSPP Gold APK supports users saving days so as to Mark their experience. You can easily save your game while you do other things and continue where you left it.

Also, this app supports over 5 data sheets for each games, which means you can overwrite, delete and create a backup for them

Beautiful graphics

The graphics of this app are well-designed to fit the screen, and all contents are appealing and eye-catching. This feature has attracted many users worldwide to use this app. Join thousands of users to explore this app.

Final Thought on PPSSPP APK Android

If you love Sony PSP games, then you should consider downloading PPSSPP Gold APK as it offers many features to give you a better gaming experience.

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