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Power Warriors APK gives you the dragon ball fix on mobile platforms polished to perfection. Try Power Warriors APK download if you’re a fan of fighting games.

Power Warriors APK: Fighting Game Tribute To A Classic Anime

Depending on whether you’re a fan of anime or not, your enjoyment level will vary when playing Power Warriors APK latest version. The playable characters are from the popular anime Dragon Ball, and even if you’re unfamiliar with it, the addictive gameplay will keep you hooked.

Power Warriors APK Android is more than a standard one on one fighting game, as the game has a 3 on 3 team battle system. The fighting mechanics are fast-paced and intense, and each blow you land with your character feels powerful and satisfying.

Power Warriors APK free also has most of the popular characters from the vanilla series to choose from, from the heroes to the villains. Each character has distinct powers and move-sets that you can execute.

Story Background: Power Warriors APK

The story of Power Warriors APK is a retelling of the anime series but cut up into small chunks so the emphasis can be put into the gameplay. There’s also extra dialogue and scenes for each character’s interaction which wasn’t in the anime, so it's worth playing to see it all.

The protagonists are called Z warriors, or in this case, Power Warriors, and they have to defend the earth from invading aliens. Each enemy is stronger than the last and will require teamwork and willpower to defeat, and this is the story of the entire franchise in a nutshell.

How to Play Power Warriors APK?

  1. Power Warriors APK runs as soon as downloading, and installation processes are completed. The game doesn’t take long, and you can play your favorite characters immediately.
  2. Power Warriors APK has classic Arcade-style fighting in  2-D environments, where the fighting can seamlessly shift from the ground to the air. The complete move-set of each character feels genuine, with an accurate depiction of physical combos to beam attacks.
  3. There are different modes in Power Warriors APK. Whether you’re looking to learn a character's moves in training mode or experience the tale of these iconic characters in story mode, or if you want to play a match, you can choose whatever option you like.
  4. There are hidden characters to unlock in Power Warriors APK. Certain conditions must be completed to get the secret characters, and playing through story mode will give hints of who the next fighter could be.


Exciting Features to Lookout For in Power Warriors APK

Power Warriors APK is filled with many awesome features for players to explore. We will cover the ones that stood out from the rest.

Fast & Adrenaline Pumping Combat

Powers Warriors APK carries over the anime's signature tone and fast-paced fighting animation. The character's move-sets, when performed, give a satisfying feeling, and the rush of combat will keep the players on the edge of their seats when playing the game.

The character’s beam attacks are hard to dodge and land, and you’ll have to experiment with different moves to find a counter or a method to land them. The game will guide you, but it won’t hold your hand after teaching you the basics of combat.

Balanced Difficulty & Character Switching

The control scheme isn’t difficult to master, but it's not a cakewalk. The action is rapid and will make the players quickly switch up characters to adjust to the difficulty level of their opponent, and even if you lose a round, the 2 backup characters can still turn things around.

The characters can be switched and called for assistance during a match in Power Warriors APK, but you’ll have to be careful, as the opponent can do the same. The 3 on 3 fights add a new dynamic that changes the fighting pattern, unlike most mobile fighting games.

Beautifully Designed Stages & Character Art

The background stages of Power Warriors APK during fights are diverse, and all have roots in the anime series. My favorite stage had luscious green landscapes and mountains with trees swaying against the draft by the powerful attacks, making the game a spectacle to behold.


Similarly, the characters in Power Warriors APK have all been designed beautifully from the anime template. Each character's outfits, accessories, and stats have authenticity and don’t feel out of place, and you can build up your dream team from the roster.

Useful Tips for Playing Power Warriors APK

The players might feel lost at the beginning of Power Warriors APK because of the multiple game modes and instant information dumps from the main menu. We’ll give you some helpful suggestions to make you understand the game better.

Practice Movesets In Training Mode

If you feel like Power Warriors APK isn’t playing for you like you had imagined, it's because you have to learn the individual character’s moves and projectile attacks. To get acquainted with every character, you can use the training mode and learn the combo inputs for specific moves.

Swap Characters & Experiment

In Power Warriors APK, certain characters are badly matched with powerful opponents, no matter how you slice it. To ensure you don’t get stomped badly by your opponent, you must switch and try a different combination of characters on your team.

Develop Muscle Memory For Combos

The combos of the different characters are diverse, and you can’t button mash and hope to land hits on your opponent by sheer luck. Look up the combo input commands, work your way with small combinations, and after you’ve perfected them, you can move on to long chain combos.

Final Verdict

Power Warriors APK more than delivers on the hype for a game that relies heavily on a popular franchise. Fans of the anime series will easily enjoy the game, and casual audiences will find it appealing because of how well the game plays; I highly recommend it to everyone.

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