Pou Mod APK 1.4.118 (Unlimited Money) Download for Android 2024
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Pou APK 1.4.118



Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Size 27.77 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Zakeh Ltd
Google Play Link me.pou.app

Are you a pet person? Do you want to be? Well, you can undoubtedly attempt it in Pou APK. Get the unique chance to own an alien pet in Pou APK download.

Pou APK: Care For Your Precious Alien Pet

Pou APK is a game about feeling good by taking care of your alien pet. You are in charge of fulfilling the needs of the adorable Pou alien. Pou APK free is the type of game that you play to relax your mind and pick yourself up when you’re feeling down. The heartwarming expressions on the alien pet’s face are sure to put a smile on your face.

Pou APK Android brings a simple concept of pet care and turns it into an addictive gameplay mechanic because you won’t be able to hold yourself back from devoting hours of your time to the game. The simple tasks in other games will feel like a chore to complete, but in Pou APK 2024 they are exciting and fun, which is a testament to the creative vision of the game developers.

Pou APK, in many ways, is like raising a child because the alien has infant-like qualities, the more attention you give to it, the happier it will be, and it will be eager to learn from you. You can talk to Pou and listen to what the little alien has to say; it will give you the satisfaction of being a proud parent.

Pou APK has several customization options; most of the game leans into that feature. You will clean up Pou after the alien has become dirty, play games with it, and dress it in cute and stylish clothes. The game rewards your efforts by giving coins for leveling up, which you can use to unlock even more customizable things such as wallpapers, avatars, skins, and clothes for Pou.

How to Play Pou APK?

  1. The filesize of Pou APK is very small, and there aren’t heavy animations or additional downloads in the game. Pou APK won’t consume much space on your Android device’s memory, so you can download and install the game without worry. Once the game is on your device, you can launch it immediately to start playing.
  2. The control scheme of Pou APK is straightforward to understand, and since it isn’t like any big action game, it will be easy for casual gamers to play. The interaction is Pou is through tapping on the alien’s avatar on your screen, and all available actions are presented in the game’s HUD; you can select any of them and then watch the chosen action being performed on your screen.
  3. The A.I. of Pou is advanced and will emulate somewhat realistic behavior, so if you’re not attentive to Pou, the alien will make noise and throw tantrums to get you to notice. Watching the need meter of Pou is critical to understanding what needs to be done, and the sooner you pick up on the visual cues of Pou, the better you will become at the game.
  4. Pou APK has plenty of ways to alter the look of your alien pet. The more coins you get from leveling up, the more outfits, accessories, background wallpapers, and avatars you can unlock for Pou. The mini-games help a lot in collecting coins, and there are many of them, like platformers, brick games, and even a driving simulator where Pou drives the car.
  5. Pou APK has a cooperative play mode, where your Pou can meet and play with your friend’s Pou. The two Pou interacting with each other is a sight that will make your heart melt from its wholesomeness. You are guaranteed to have a great time playing Pou APK.

Exciting Features of Pou APK to Lookout For

Pou APK has amazing and refreshingly new features that you seldom see in games, or at least it’s rare to see them incorporated into how it has been done. We will put the spotlight on some of them to make you understand the uniqueness of Pou APK.

Smart Alien Pet A.I.

Don’t be fooled by the charmingly goofball and simplistic design of your alien pet Pou, as it is a clever little thing. You will have to be precise in anticipating the needs of Pou; otherwise, it will break your heart to see the poor thing in unease. The A.I. of Pou adjusts to the behavior you subject the alien pet to, and it will be more attached or grow distant and unresponsive.

Cute & Bubbly Apparel

Pou is a gender-neutral pet, you can make it dress like a boy or a girl, and it will look authentic. There are numerous combinations of clothes, and many more are added with regular updates, including seasonal costumes that you can use to dress up Pou. Take pictures of your cute and bubbly alien pet to share with other community players, and browse through hundreds of images of other players’ Pou.


If you thought there wasn’t much to do in Pou APK besides caring for it and playing dress-up, you’re in for a surprise. There are tons of mini-games that you can play to earn coins and unlock the more expensive accessories and clothes for Pou. Platformers, puzzle solving, car racing, beach volleyball, and even simple swimming activities all make up extra fun activities for Poe and you to play and have fun.

Helpful Tips for Playing Pou APK

If you want tips for making your experience with Poe even more fun, we can help you.

Save Coins

When you play Pou APK, caring for the alien pet will net you coins. You will be tempted to purchase something straight away, but it’s better to save those coins so you can buy the expensive items and clothes first. The cheaper ones can be bought with a small number of coins.

Play Mini-Games

The Min-games in Pou APK allow you to earn extra coins if you perform well and achieve a high score. The games are diverse and challenging but are worth it if you’re trying to earn coins quickly.

Final Thoughts

Pou APK is a fantastic game, and I highly recommend checking it out to see how engaging it is. You will have loads of fun playing it, and it’s one of the most unique games I’ve ever played.

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