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Spruce up your home screen with new features than ever with Nova Launcher Prime APK. The Nova Launcher Prime APK 2024 allows customizing to your heart’s content.

Nova Launcher Prime APK: Personalize & Stylize Your Phone

For the people who enjoyed Nova Launcher when it came out and tinkered with their phones to see all of its features, you are in for a treat. Nova Launcher Prime APK free download is an updated and enhanced version with tons of new and returning features.

From hand gestures such as dual finger swiping, double tapping, or even pinching the screen to aesthetically pleasant icons, Nova Launcher Prime APK Android is the epitome of customization. You can declutter your home screen and conceal unwanted applications and their icons in separate folders.

Notification counters can be made to reveal unread messages in some really cool ways instead of a simple number prompt. Dynamic notification badges personalize the message by adding a small side picture to the message prompt.

The screen can be toggled to motion in patterns every time you swipe the screen on either side, which is really fun to see. Motions range from page turning like a book to vertically like a notepad, and there’s also the in and out motion; each option feels unique and distinct in Nova Launcher Prime APK.

How to Use Nova Launcher Prime APK?

  1. Nova Launcher Prime APK has numerous choices and ways to make your phone’s aesthetic match your style. Remember to download the base Nova Launcher before installing Nova Launcher Prime APK on your phone.
  2. After the download and installation process is complete, you can immediately start testing the various tools available in Nova Launcher Prime APK. The settings will provide you with a comprehensive list of things that Nova Launcher Prime APK can change on your phone.
  3. A big change from the vanilla version is the inclusion of editing the size of the desktop grid. If you like a stacked desktop with the most icons possible all on the same screen, then decrease the grid size and if you prefer the opposite, then increase the size.
  4. Rename various applications on the desktop that set them apart and give them a distinct identity. Now you can assign individual motion gestures to each application icon for opening, like swiping over the icon instead of tapping it.

Exciting Features to Lookout For In Nova Launcher Prime APK

The things you can do to overhaul your phone with Nova Launcher Prime APK are almost endless. We’ve narrowed down the features that you’ll find worth your time.


The Nova Launcher Prime APK lets you make shortcuts on your phone’s different applications. For instance, you can make a specific gesture, like double-tapping or swiping across action, which would transition to the docs, and directly open a template instead of the home page.

The shortcuts are convenient for when you want to quickly launch the desired option without selecting it by yourself. Once the shortcuts have been created, all you have to do is remember them.

Desktop Wallpaper & Screen Scrolling Gesture

One of the main purposes of Nova Launcher Prime APK is that it’s, first and foremost, a cosmetically driven tool. An eye-catching feature of Nova Launcher APK is the scrolling motion of desktop wallpaper.

The desktop wallpaper zooms in and out every time you swipe the screen, giving it an animated feel. In the same way, the screen swipes also incorporate the screen’s motion which can be customized to have it go vertical, horizontal, or even have a split-second blink if you want.

Changing Icon Size, Shape, Color, & Name

Each icon on your phone can be changed to your personal preferences with Nova Launcher Prime APK. You can do a lot, from renaming the icons in different fonts to making their size appear bigger or smaller on the desktop grid.

Nova Launcher Prime APK also allows altering the icons’ colors and shapes. Colors are diverse, so plenty of options are available to choose from, and the shapes include round, square, tear shape, or a mix of squircle, which is a mix of square and circle.

App Drawers

The most unique feature of Nova Launcher Prime APK that makes it popular is the inclusion of App drawers. The App drawers are an organizing tool which can be used to classify and categorize the different applications to make the home screen of your phone lighter.

How it works is that a separate location and folder are created to compile those applications you use the most, and only they will show up when you open the folder. Alternatively, you can create a dumping folder to remove those applications from the view you don’t use.

Useful Tips For Using Nova Launcher Prime APK

The new additions on top of the vanilla version of Nova Launcher Prime APK can be mesmerizing and you might need some guidance on using the different features. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Utilize App Drawers

Getting the maximum benefit of Nova Launcher Prime APK means taking advantage of the convenience provided by the App drawers. Declutter your home screen thoroughly by making separate folders; it will help you get to the desired application faster.

Make Simple Gestures for Most Apps Shortcuts

It can be quite frustrating to remember the different gestures you may have assigned for different shortcuts of the various applications. For ease and convenience, use simple gestures that aren’t hard to remember, with slight variants like one tap and a double tap for different uses.

Experiment with Notifications

The notification features can be changed to suit your style. You can include small animations, and if you’re using dots with the icons, you can also alter their positioning and color.

The numerical option is also present if you prefer. The point is that experimentation is highly encouraged to find out what you like.

Final Thoughts

If Nova Launcher’s vanilla version is your cup of tea, you will feel at home with Nova Launcher Prime APK. Users will enjoy checking it out, and it is definitely worth buying.

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