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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Size 10 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer Christian Schabesberger

NewPipe APK is an open source project or app you can use to stream or download any YouTube content completely ad-free and with zero data collection.

Introduction To NewPipe APK

In today’s day and age, everyone uses YouTube whether it be to create content, or to consume it. This success is due to the wide variety of content available. From music and funny videos or just entertainment in general, to educational, inspirational, and religious content. Countless creators of every kind are available. It has been estimated that about 183 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every minute!

Despite YouTube being completely free to use for consuming AND creating content, it still comes at a price. So how do they make money? They make money through ads and data collection. Ads are just super annoying, everyone can agree, but data collection is straight-up dangerous. That is where NewPipe APK comes in. NewPipe APK allows users to watch any sort of YouTube content completely ad-free and with zero data collection.

NewPipe APK is an open-source project that runs solely on donations, and its aim is to make the Internet a free and safe place for everyone. Various other platforms such as PeerTube and SoundCloud have also been added to NewPipe APK’s supported services recently, and there will be more to come. Additionally, NewPipe APK also allows you to download videos on your phone to watch offline. You can even choose a file format such as MP4, WebM, and even MP3. This essentially means you can choose to download only the audio of your desired video as well.

NewPipe APK does not require Google Play Services, and as mentioned earlier, provides an ad-free experience and many more helpful quality-of-life features that we will look at later.

How To Use NewPipe APK 2024

  • You can download the NewPipe APK app on any Android device for free by using the link we provide at APKCima.
  • The NewPipe APK free download link will prompt the app’s installation file to be downloaded.
  • Despite the NewPipe APK app having a very small file size, it still requires an installation file to be downloaded first.
  • Anyhow, the installation file will be downloaded almost instantly, just open your file manager and head to the recently downloaded section.
  • Locate the NewPipe APK android installation file and run it to express installation.
  • Make sure that you have enabled the "Install from Unknown Sources" option in your device's settings to allow the installation of apps from third-party sources.
  • Once you complete the installation procedure, launch NewPipe APK.
  • After loading in, you will be taken straight to the Home page without any Google authentication.
  • Various popular videos will be given on the Home page, but of course, you can search for any video you want to watch by using the search bar on the top.
  • Simply tap on a video’s thumbnail once you have chosen one to watch.
  • The video will start playing in the app’s built-in media player.
  • You can also choose to download the video if you want to watch it offline and save it for later.

Innovative Features That NewPipe APK Provides

Aside from the ad-free and private experience that you receive with NewPipe APK, there are several other features that the app provides that will give you all the more reason to switch permanently to NewPipe APK. We have given a few of them below.

Background Playback

This is a YouTube premium feature that most users decide to buy the premium membership. This essentially allows the YouTube app to continue playing the video in the background even if you turn your phone off, or switch apps. This is especially helpful if you listen to music on YouTube. Now, you can utilize this feature for free with NewPipe APK, as it comes with the app by default.

Download Options

As mentioned earlier, you can download your desired videos from NewPipe APK onto your phone. You can choose the quality at which you download them, the format, and even the file path and destination of the file. With this, you can also choose to download the MP3 file for a video, which essentially gives you an audio playback feature, or in other words, you can extract audio from videos.

Customization Support

The user interface is really simple and easy to use. It additionally has various customization settings that you can utilize and create a personalized experience such as the color scheme, font size, and many more.

Tips To Use NewPipe APK

We have given some quick tips you can use to get the best out of NewPipe APK.

Stream On Various Video Players

NewPipe APK also allows you to watch your videos on any video player your want. In fact, the developers of the app also said that NewPipe APK is not a video player and that every Android already has a video player already. This is actually required to watch any videos you download, but you can opt for streaming them on another video player as well.

Utilize Custom Playlists and Video Playback

Since you can create your own custom playlists, you can add any video from any creator to your playlist. You can create a playlist of your favorite songs, enable auto-play, and then use other apps on your phone or even turn your phone off. Your songs will continue to play due to the video playback!

Update Regularly

As mentioned earlier, NewPipe APK is getting new platforms for streaming and downloading added regularly. New features and customization settings are also being introduced regularly, so make sure to update the app whenever the devs release one to utilize the latest features and YouTube library.


Due to the sudden increase in YouTube ads, it is becoming really annoying to load up your favorite content creator’s video, to be bombarded with a combo of unskippable ads. NewPipe APK has become a really good and real alternative to YouTube. The good thing is that you will still be able to access your favorite content. And unlike YouTube, you will get an ad-free, safe, and seamless experience!

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