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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 137.96 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Outfit7 Limited
Google Play Link com.outfit7.mytalkingtom2

My Talking Tom 2 APK is a cute and fun virtual pet game that players of all ages can enjoy. Take care of your virtual pet Tom, feed him, and watch him grow up.

Introduction To My Talking Tom 2 APK

My Talking Tom 2 APK has been made by the infamous studio Outfit7 Limited responsible for the iconic Talking Tom game. Outfit7 Limited have released several virtual pet games featuring different pets and with new and innovative features to enjoy. My Talking Tom 2 APK is a squeal to the popular My Talking Tom game and also features the iconic virtual pet that started that started this franchise, Tom.

Just like all other games by Outfit7 Limited, My Talking Tom 2 APK also accesses the microphone of your device whilst playing. And in turn Tom mimics everything you say in his cute feline voice. You have to feed, bathe, play, dress Tom up, and take care of all his needs while you watch him grow from a cute little kitten to an adult virtual cat.

My Talking Tom 2 APK offers a very vibrant and colorful set of graphics with a very sleek User Interface and a fun environment. Mostly targeting a younger audience, the game has a very easy set of controls which are more or less just touch gestures to interact with Tom. There is a lot of additional content in the form of mini-games and items or accessories you can collect, so the game is sure to keep you entertained!

How To Play My Talking Tom 2 APK 2024

  • My Talking Tom 2 APK can be played for free on any Android device, all you need to do is download and install the game.
  • We have provided the My Talking Tom 2 APK Download button above.
  • Tap the button to begin downloading the My Talking Tom 2 APK free installation file.
  • Upon taping the download button, your browser will first ask you if you are sure you want to download the file in question as it can be “harmful”.
  • The browser only warns you this way becuase this is a third-party source, however, this file we have provided is completely safe.
  • Just press download anyway.
  • Once the file is downloaded, open up any file managing application you use on your Android device.
  • Head over to the recently downloaded files, and run the installation file you just downloaded.
  • The Android package installer will ask you to provide this file with permission to express installation through settings.
  • Tap settings on the pop-up you receive and tap allow from this source.
  • Now express installation and launch My Talking Tom 2 APK game.
  • After loading in, you will be greeted by a cute virtual kitten.
  • Your objective in My Talking Tom 2 APK is to take care of all the needs your virtual pet has. These include feeding him, cleaning him, playing with him, etc.
  • The bottom middle of your screen will have different tabs each for its respective stat you need to take care of.
  • To feed your pet, you will tap on the tab with the fork and knife icon, choose the food you want to feed him with, and give it to him.
  • You can play with your virtual pet with his toys, or you can play the mini-games by tapping on the mini-game tab.
  • You need to clean Tom up by taking him to the bathroom, help him brush his teeth and all.
  • As you play the game, you will get coins to buy food and stuff for Tom. And you gain exp which levels you up and unlocks new items and accessories you can get.
  • The more you take care of Tom, the happier he will be.

Cool Features In My Talking Tom 2 APK

My Talking Tom 2 APK has some really good features that have led to such a big fanbase for this game alone. We have given some of them below.


In the form of extra content, My Talking Tom 2 APK has a lot of mini-games you can play. Additionally, you can get coins and in game items for winning at what not. These coins can be used on buying new food, and rare rewards.

Home Decor

Another use of your coins will be the accessories and items you can unlock and decorate your virtual pet’s home. These include furniture, wallpapers, decorations, etc.

Augmented Reality Mode

My Talking Tom 2 APK features an augmented reality mode that you can activate. This mode lets you interact with your virtual pet Tom (or whatever you named him) in real life by making use of your device’s camera.

Tips To Play My Talking Tom 2 APK

Here are some tips new players can use to get the hang of My Talking Tom 2 APK.

Play Mini-games

Most players tend to launch the game every day and just complete the daily requirements that Tom has and then close the game. Mini-games are not only a way to have more fun with My Talking Tom 2 APK, but also one of the best ways to earn coins and extra rewards.

Be Careful While Spending

Even though you can always rely on a little bit of a mini-game grind to get coins, you should always keep some coins to spare. There are definitely ways to waste your coins, such as buying outfits, etc. Of course outfits and accessories are a part of the game, but not on the expense of detrimental things like food. So use your coins wisely.


My Talking Tom 2 APK allows you to take care of your cute little virtual pet cat. If you are a cat lover, or just looking for a good virtual pet game to play, you sould definitely give My Talking Tom 2 APK a shot, you will thoroughly enjoy it!

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