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Compatible with Android 4.4+
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Category Simulation
Developer Sarepta Studio
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My Child – Lebensborn APK is the emotional gut punch experience packed within a game that will hit you like a truck. My Child – Lebensborn APK full is a tale of sorrow.

My Child – Lebensborn APK: The Child Raising Sim That Will Break You

My Child – Lebensborn APK download is a simulator game that hits emotional highs, telling a captivating tale of a child raised after the backdrop of a war. My Child – Lebensborn APK Android is the tragedy caused by hatred projected onto children who had no say in World War 2.

My Child – Lebensborn APK game provides you with choices twice a day in the game, where your answers will help shape the child’s personality and develop their demeanor. If you’re strict and harsh with them, the child will be timid and hesitant, but if you’re nurturing and caring, they will develop an affinity for your character.

My Child – Lebensborn APK free is not a game for people with a weak tolerance; it has emotional trauma and depicts bullying through the child’s demeanor. The children’s physical and mental anguish is presented subtly, like the child who liked simple gestures such as head pats would back away and tell us outright to stop doing it.

My Child – Lebensborn APK has a life management simulation on child raising. You play the role of a working parent who will adopt a boy or a girl and look after them while working a day job with extensive hours. It would help if you found the right balance between being a doting parent and a bread earner.

Story Background: My Child – Lebensborn APK

The narrative of My Child – Lebensborn APK is told through the first person perspective, and we’re presented with interaction opportunities with the adoptive child. The child will ask us questions and make requests of us; we can indulge the child, suggest an alternative solution, or shun them.

While we go about each day, earning daily wages to make ends meet and caring for the child, the school they go to isn’t very kind to them. The child faces bullying and harassment for being born into a different race.

Considering that the timeline of My Child – Lebensborn APK is just after World War 2, it sends a powerful message about how contempt of others and discrimination against them affects the most vulnerable segment of society, particularly the children.

How to Play My Child – Lebensborn APK?

  1. My Child – Lebensborn APK is playable immediately after downloading and installing it on your device. The game’s premise is explained in the introduction, and then we’re given a choice to adopt a boy or a girl; the boy’s name is Klaus, and the girl’s name is Karin.
  2. My Child – Lebensborn APK then introduces choice-based dialogues for the parent to respond to the child’s questions. The adoptive parent’s answers can be further made interactive by tapping/clicking on the child to show the child affection by patting their head.
  3. My Child – Lebensborn APK has a simple gameplay style; the interface allows for fulfilling the child’s needs by swapping out different things for the child’s interaction. An example is a slice of bread with jam that you can pick up and bring near the child’s face to feed them. They will appreciate you and make your heart melt.
  4. There are certain time limits in the game, and if you miss out on them, it could present an early end for the adoptive child. You get only two chances to interact with the child daily, so make them count. You can play a cold, distant parent figure or a nurturing and caring one. Remember, they’re already facing disgusting behavior at school from other kids.

The Features of My Child – Lebensborn APK to Lookout For

My Child – Lebensborn APK is not a fun game; it’s an emotional journey filled with anguish hidden underneath the game. We’ll go over the game’s features so you can appreciate how well it is.

Gripping Storyline

My Child – Lebensborn APK is based on actual life events; the game has an eerie atmosphere that captures the harsh truth of facing persecution for something one’s ancestors did. The game is thought-provoking, and thanks to its narrative, it handily accomplishes this task.


If you can stomach it, the game can turn somewhat crueler if you treat the child harshly, which would make them reach their breaking point quicker. You can stop the child from going to school to shelter them from bullying, but then the authorities will step in. Choices have consequences, and replayability value is present to see how things play out differently.

Beautiful Graphics

The art style and hand-drawn animation are a huge part of the appeal of My Child – Lebensborn APK. The child’s portrayed emotions are brilliant; you’d have to have a heart of stone not to feel anything when playing through the game.

Helpful Tips for Playing My Child – Lebensborn APK

My Child – Lebensborn APK works like a social simulator, and its gameplay is straightforward, but we’ve got some helpful tips to improve the experience.

Be Kind

My Child – Lebensborn APK is set in a cruel moment in history, and a good way to mitigate some of the negativity is to play your character, the adoptive parent, as a kind person. The child you adopt in the game is a sweet innocent soul who can’t fend for themselves; playing the role of a caring parent will help them find a safe space from the daily bullying they suffer.

Use Your Time & Resources Wisely

My Child – Lebensborn APK has been designed to make you think about the gameplay aspect as much as its plot. The resources and time are limited; you need to strike a good balance and be on the lookout for any freebies you can spot or craft to save money for essential needs. You also have to monitor the child’s needs which you can see on the HUD display of the screen.

Final Thoughts

My Child – Lebensborn APK is highly recommended, but be warned that this game’s intent isn’t enjoyment. You will experience sadness and shed tears when playing through the story.

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