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Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 48 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Melon Playground

Fan of Android and sandbox games? Then, Melon Playground APK is right up your alley. Check out our link to get the Melon Playground APK download and start having fun!

Introduction to Melon Playground APK

Sandbox games are a great way to pass the time and show your creativity. Luckily, Melon Playground APK incorporates the sandbox elements extraordinarily. Let your imagination run wild thanks to multiple weapon choices and the ability to create various scenarios.

Melon Playground APK: Highlights

Melon Playground APK is a game that is inspired by People Playground. It has a lot of similar elements but adds a twist of its own. Since this is a sandbox simulation game, there is no real “story” to it. The best part is that you can create your own story and scenarios by placing your avatars and seeing how it plays out.

Melon Playground APK allows players to do whatever they want. This means that you can either focus on torturing your avatar as much as you can or protect them from an invasion from other avatars. Plus, if you are a fan of military stuff, you can create your very own vehicles and weapons.

How To Play Melon Playground APK

The best part about Melon Playground APK 2022 is that it is extremely easy to play. However, since there are tons of options, newer players might feel a bit overwhelmed. To know how to play the game, here’s a quick look:

  1. After launching the game, you are greeted with a menu. From here, you can either play the game or choose various options for the game.
  2. Once the game starts, you will have to select a map where you want your sandbox simulation to take place.
  3. After selecting a map, you will see a menu on the left side that shows all the tools you can use to create the scenario that you want.
  4. You can either start by placing your avatar or placing various items like boxes, walls, tables, and much more.
  5. For starters, you should choose from the avatars (Melon, Apple, Corn, and Pumpkin), and place them in the world.
  6. After that, place a second avatar and give them a weapon like a dagger or a sword.
  7. Give your first avatar a weapon like a handgun or any other weapon of your choosing.
  8. You can now have a duel between the two and see who wins.
  9. Alternatively, you can re-enact a scene from an action movie where your main avatar fights through a horde of enemies with various props lying around the entire area.
  10. Do not be afraid to try out different tools to see what you like most.

Since this is a sandbox game, there is no fixed way of playing, you can play the game however you want. If you are new to the game, you will even get some useful tooltips that will help you get familiar with the game, so, don’t worry.

Exciting Features to Look Out For In Melon Playground APK

Let’s talk about some of the most exciting features of Melon Playground APK to get you hooked to the game:

Weapon Variety

This is easily one of the best aspects of Melon Playground APK. The game offers tons of weapons to players that are not only unique but also include some iconic guns like a rocket launcher or even a turret. Plus, thanks to its features, you will be able to add new weapons to the game. The community has created some amazing weapons that reference famous movies, games, and even memes!

Customize Your Avatar

Who doesn’t like personalizing their avatar, right? Well, Melon Playground APK has got you covered. You can select from dozens of accessories like bandanas, helmets, glasses, clothing, and much more. The best part is that you can customize different avatars however you want to differentiate between them easily.

Constant Updates

The devs behind Melon Playground APK love their work and want to support it in the future as well. They take feedback very seriously and will often incorporate various elements in their game from the community. Thanks to this, the game is always adding new content like weapons, cosmetics, and fixing various performance issues.

Useful Tips For Playing Melon Playground APK

Now that we know what Melon Playground APK is all about, let’s dive in and check out some useful tips that will help you out while playing the game.

  • Learn the Tools: The biggest tip we can give for Melon Playground APK 2022 is that you should know the tools you are given. Since there are tons of weapons in the game, getting familiar with them will allow you to have the sandbox simulation that you always wanted.
  • Try Out New Weapons: One of the best parts about the game is that there are tons of new weapons added regularly. So, make sure that you get the Melon Playground APK latest version so that you have access to these guns in your arsenal.
  • Create Cool Scenarios: You can either try out all the weapons on your avatar or protect them from a robot invasion; the possibilities are endless! Try out different scenarios and see what you like most.


Melon Playground APK Android allows your creativity to run wild and make the sandbox simulation of your dreams. The game is great for players looking to pass the time while wanting something fun. There is so much that you can do in the game which is a great thing since it doesn’t get repetitive or boring. Check out Melon Playground APK free right now to have a great time!

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