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Melancholianna APK is a role-playing game where you play as a young girl called Melancholianna. Traverse through the strange place and uncover the mystery.

Introduction To Melancholianna APK – The Most Fascinating Role-playing Game at the Moment

The video game community’s growth seems to show no signs of stopping or slowing down any time soon. Instead, new genres have been popping up left right and centre. One of the oldest genre, the role playing games more commonly known as RPGs, have had a huge spike in their popularity.

Melancholianna APK is one of these games, a Role playing game where you play as a young blonde girl who wakes up and finds herself in a cell with a door that is not locked. She seems to have no recollection of how she ended up there or how long she had been out for.

Melancholianna APK is becoming more and more popular mostly due to the cartoon or anime art style of the game. The game has a rather intricate story but unraveling the mysteries and sectres of this place with Melancholianna is rather rewarding. It has top tier sound quality with several options to alter it to your liking if you find the default audio settings as uncomfortable.

You will be responsible for Melancholianna including every interaction and decision. You will also have to stay away from enemies that pop up if any, since there is no attack or defend mechanic in Melancholianna APK game. You will have to rely on movement to dodge, or flee from the enemies to be more accurate since this is a 2 dimensional game. Let us now get into how you can get this amazing game on your Android device.

How To Play Melancholianna APK

  • Unfortunately, Melancholianna APK’s gameplay is not exactly parallel to the strict guidelines of Google Play. Therefore, Melancholianna APK is not available for downloading for free directly and safely from the Google PlayStore.
  • The only way to download Melancholianna APK is by using a third-party APK site, which can lead to malware. To ensure you download the correct file safely, use the Melancholianna APK Download link given on this site, APKCima.
  • Clicking this link will lead to the download for Melancholianna APK Android installation file to start.
  • This download will not take too long, but instead of waiting for it to complete, go into your Android device’s settings.
  • Scroll down and open the security options. Here find and allow the option to express installation of unknown sources.
  • Now you wait for the file to download.
  • Once the file successfully downloads, open your file manager and locate the file. It should be on the top in the recently downloaded files.
  • Run the Melancholianna APK file and express installation off the process.
  • Now that the installation is complete, launch Melancholianna APK.
  • Load into the game and you will come across the main menu with 3 buttons; New Game, Continue, and Options.
  • Click new game to begin your journey.
  • Use the straightforward controls given on screen consisting of a joystick, and interact button on the left side of the screen. While on the right hand side there are some buttons in place of a keyboard’s keys. This is because initially Melancholianna was just available on pc.
  • Avoid the enemies and solve the puzzles and enjoy the game.


Cool Features Of Melancholianna APK

Melancholianna APK offers some features that make it quite a unique game. It is not your regular Role playing game, and it is most definitely a highly slept-on title in general. We have listed some of the cool features of Melancholianna APK.

Immersive And Unique World Setting

Melancholianna APK does not exactly have a world setting, as the entire game literally takes place within an enclosed area. It seems more like an abandoned castle or mansion. The environment is quite dark as in spooky or creepy, lots of spider webs everywhere etc.

The whole area is also quite expansive with lots of rooms and interactables. After every few rooms a save spot is provided to the player. This is because unfortunately, there is no auto save feature in Melancholianna APK.


Sensational Sound Design

Once you play Melancholianna APK for a few minutes, you will understand exactly why Melancholianna APK’s sound has been designed so well. It matches the theme of the game really well and adds to the experience. If fact, it is a major factor in the raw environment of the game.

Intricate Storyline

This is a game with quite the complicated story. There is a hidden meaning behind every object and every room. Along with the amazing sound, environment, and theme, the player becomes highly invested in the game.

Tips To Play Melancholianna APK

We have given a few tips below to help you get the hang of Melancholianna APK when you first start playing.

Turn On Dash

The second you get into the game, go into your options and toggle dash to on. This will help you tremendously while navigating through the map and avoiding enemies. You will not have to spend too much time back tracking to where you were the last time you played the game, or if you happened to respawn.

Use Headphones

As it was mentioned just now, Melancholianna APK has a really well made sound design. To make sure you get the best possible experience, use headphones while playing the game. You will lose the track of time and you will be able to enjoy the full experience of Melancholianna APK. The game options additionally provide lots of audio options. Tweak the audio options to your liking for the best experience!


Melancholianna APK is a part of the anime Role playing games category. If you happen to be a fan of anime RPGs or if you are just interested in an RPG with a story to get you invested, Melancholianna APK is a must-play. Now plug in your headphones, and load into the game, you are in for quite a ride!

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