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Lovecraft Locker APK Android is a game that truly tests your patience. Play as a tentacle monster who tries to satisfy as many women as possible without being caught.

Introduction to Lovecraft Locker APK

Lovecraft Locker places you as a hidden tentacle monster in various levels ranging from high schools, wards, nurse rooms and more. The only factor these rooms have in common is that they are filled with beautiful women in scantily clad skirts who are aching to be pleasured by the monster.

Your rightful job as the monster is to grow and expand as possible. The only way you can achieve that is by satisfying the carnal desires of these very women while trying not to be seen. If you do end up being observed, you will be reported by these women. If reported enough times, the level will end and you won’t end up getting the score you require.

How to Play Lovecraft Locker APK

While the premise of the game is fairly simple, here’s how you can get started with Lovecraft Locker:

  1. Start from the first level of the game
  2. You will now be placed in a school with multiple lockers
  3. Move around from one locker to the other trying to find the perfect girl such that she’s not really close to anyone else so you don’t get reported
  4. Reel her inside your locker, she will now be satisfied, and depending on how many extra tentacles you have, you can move onto your next girl
  5. Over time, you’ll be able to get better satisfying tools depending on your level that’ll greatly increase your score alongside your chances of being caught
  6. Keep playing each level until you are done. With every new level, you will be rewarded with more tentacles and a better goal to achieve without ofcourse being caught by anyone.
  7. Once you advance to the final level and beat it, you’ll have finally ended the game and will have achieved your goal as Cthulu’s beloved servant.


Best Tips to Play Lovecraft Locker APK

Now that you know how to play Lovecraft Locker APK latest version, here’s a few tips you can utilize to quickly beat the game.


Be Cautious of Your Surroundings

In a lot of situations, you’ll be able to get a girl inside your locker but will also be reported. Therefore, don’t try and grab everyone you see and instead be a bit more cautious of your surroundings minimizing the chances of you being caught.

Patience is A Virtue

Being so close to a girl’s school can be exciting, we know. But, exercising patience is your best bet to scoring the highest score possible. Waiting out for the best moment to make a girl happy will net you a lot of benefits and will help you end the game quickly.

Final Thoughts on Lovecraft Locker APK

Lovecraft Locker APK is a game based on Lovecraftian horror but with a unique twist.

Rather than being a horror game as Howard Phillips Lovecraft would want, it is instead a naughty and exciting game where you play as a tentacle monster who hails Cthulhu as his savior and master.

Don’t hesitate to download and play it now!

Download Lovecraft Locker [161.5 MB]
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