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Take your photography skills to the next level and improve your portraits with Lensa AI APK, a professional photo editor for Android developed by Prisma Labs.


Never take a bland picture again with Lensa AI APK, a professional photo editing application with a ton of features and tools to enhance your photos. The game hands professional tools to non-professionals and budding photographers giving them their first introduction into the beautiful world of photo editing.

Your social media feed will never look the same once you download Lensa AI APK. The app uses artificial intelligence to accurately adjust imperfections and rectify errors in pictures. Artificial intelligence also adds to the editing of photos as it reduces some tedious editing practices such as background removal into simple one-tap processes.

Lensa AI APK features special effects and filters as well as tools for image analysis and lighting correction. These features are easy to use and manipulate to create an image that pleases you and is worthy of showing off to your friends and the world. Watch your social media blow up with your unique awe-inspiring edits that can only be achieved with the Lensa AI Pro APK.

The app integrates dynamically with your phone camera and uses it through its built-in camera. This integration lets the app’s software manipulate and enhance the default camera quality on any device it is installed in. Some automatic edits will be done to improve the overall quality and there will also be a number of presets available for you to experiment with freely. 

Exciting Features to Look Out for in Lensa AI APK

  • Control your phone’s camera from the built-in camera

One of the best aspects of Lensa AI APK and what sets it apart from other photo editing applications is its built-in camera. The built-in camera removes the need to use the default camera app as it immediately comes with preset effects and automatic photo manipulation processes. Even before the picture is taken, the built-in camera will already have made adjustments to the scene providing you with the best photo quality possible. Some other more advanced effects will have to be added in the pro editing environment.

  • Completely Transform Pictures with the Many Editing Tools

What truly makes Lensa AI APK a professional editing tool is its set of smart features powered by its built-in artificial intelligence. The AI makes the editing process remarkably easy as it bears the brunt of handling the more challenging editing tasks such as lens correction and spot and blemish removal. Tweak even the slightest of settings in images with adjustments for brightness, saturation, contrast, ambiance and even highlights all present.

  • Body Morphing technology

In today’s social media climate, most people are chasing perfection, leading to others going further than just modifying their facial features with software. Modifications to the rest of the body have become commonplace in recent years though it has only been limited to people with exceptional editing skills. Lensa AI APK comes with a solution through its body retouching technology powered by its AI.

  • Automated Background removal

Separating subjects from backgrounds has never been easier than with the Lensa AI APK. Individually edit backgrounds and subjects separately to make the highlights stand out and give your photos a professional look. Doing this doesn’t take much as the AI handles separating the two and even lets you completely swap the background out for a different image.

  • Very User-Friendly

Maneuvering through the app is a breeze and surprisingly easy to do due to its simplistic approach to UI. Everything is within arm’s reach and can be found relatively easily. There is a very slight learning curve to getting used to the app but once you know where everything is, everything falls into place seamlessly. All settings are grouped into distinct categories eliminating the tedious act of trying to find that one setting you used weeks ago.

  • Eye Modifications

The eyes are the window to the soul. In photography, capturing the eyes perfectly is ever so important as they are the clearest way to display emotion in still images. Lensa Pro APK comes with a unique feature that allows you to modify very minute details around the eyes and even the pupils themselves.

Useful tips for Features of Lensa AI APK

  • Single Touch Editing and Capture

A lot of the editing tools in Lensa AI APK require just a single tap or a slider adjustment to see a change in the image. The same goes for the built-in camera, you can take a snapshot almost instantaneously regardless of the situation you are in, whether it be your subject is in motion or almost out of the frame, the quick capture feature has you covered.

  • Experiment with the vast amount of tools

To truly grow as a professional photo editor, it is crucial to have a certain level of curiosity, especially with regard to trying new things. The tools in the Lensa AI app APK are all available for you to explore allowing you to figure out a style that represents you.


As far as photo editing applications are concerned, Lensa AI APK is up there as one of the most user-friendly and most functional. Its ability to allow people with zero photo editing backgrounds to jump right into it and create masterpieces all with a few clicks and swipes is a feat in itself. Its built-in camera is also one of the best out there, having a noticeable contrast in quality when compared to the native camera app.

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