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Compatible with Android 5.0+
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Category Role Playing
Developer Nekonomeme
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Lab2 Under Ground APK is a retro-inspired side-scrolling action game with dungeon exploration and intense boss battles. Enjoy thrilling combat that keeps you on your toes.

Lab2 Under Ground APK: Old School Side-Scrolling Fun

Lab2 Under Ground APK Android brings a nostalgic feeling to players if they’re from the 90’sor have played games from that era of gaming. The side-scrolling action game will have you shooting down evil henchmen and avoiding death traps in the underground lab of the diabolical scientists.

Lab2 Under Ground APK download is perfect for testing your reflexes, and the platform sections, in particular, allow for a challenging experience for players. There is no free hand-holding in Lab2 Under Ground APK, and each level has unique puzzles to solve for proceeding to the next stage.

Lab2 Under Ground APK free mixes up the pacing with frequent enemy encounters requiring you to time your dodges and slide back and forth to close the distance and attack them. The primary weapons of the heroines are firearms, and a melee blade, the ammo for the guns is scarce, so you have to make every shot count, and melee weapons can be lost if your character dies.

Lab2 Under Ground APK 2023 has a fantastic plot that gets revealed as you clear the different sections, and the twists and turns are enough to make it seem like you’re watching a well-written tv show. The character designs in Lab2 Under Ground APK are visually striking, and the game's aesthetic matches the premise's theme. The colorful outfits contrast wonderfully against the backdrop of the monotonous white of the underground lab environment.

Story Background: Lab2 Under Ground APK

The plot of Lab2 Under Ground APK is simple; the evil scientists have gone on to kidnap the main heroine’s colleagues and set death traps for anyone attempting to rescue them. When the heroine bravely goes to save them, she realizes that the threat is more severe than she imagined.

The scientists have hired goons that patrol the underground lab, and the different levels have several challenges that must be overcome to proceed ahead. The scientists are hatching more evil schemes and using the hostages as test subjects for creating sinister monstrosities. It’s up to our heroines to save the day.


How to Play Lab2 Under Ground APK?

  1. The file size of Lab2 Under Ground APK is surprisingly small, and the game is playable as soon as the downloading and installation processes are done. The game’s loading time hardly takes more than ten seconds, and you’ll be playing the game in no time.
  2. Lab2 Under Ground APK has a simple control scheme for moving the character left and right since the game has a side-scrolling perspective. You will make jumps and duck underneath enemy attacks and complex puzzles while shooting and slashing away at any opposition you encounter.
  3. The traps are distinct and varied in Lab2 Under Ground APK, and you have to move away not to get caught immediately. The different traps harbor unpleasant outcomes for the heroines; some can lead to game-over scenarios.
  4. Lab2 Under Ground APK has multiple firearm weapons you can pick up after defeating enemies. The heavy weapons pack a punch but take time to power up, whereas you can fire the light guns multiple times in quick succession. You must balance things out and choose different weapons for different scenarios in Lab2 Under Ground APK.
  5. Lab2 Under Ground APK provides gamers with multiple hidden paths to check out for additional upgrades and rewards. The game has a Metroidvania vibe but not as in-depth, but it’s there.

Exciting Features of Lab2 Under Ground APK to Lookout For?

Lab2 Under Ground APK has many exciting features that are going to make your inner gamer fangirl over. We are going to list a few of them.

Classic Retro Aesthetic

Lab2 Under Ground APK is a game that will inject you with a dose of nostalgia with its pixel graphics and side-scrolling gameplay setting. The throwback feel is impressive, and you will quickly find yourself immersed in the backgrounds as detailedly designed enemies chase after you, and you fire colorful shots from your firearms to neutralize them.


Satisfying Gameplay

Lab2 Under Ground APK has addictive and satisfying gameplay that will keep you hooked from start to finish. The side-scrolling and sliding mechanic is fun, and after you gain more traversal options via the jetpack and double jumps, it is a blast to get the drop on your enemies.

Beautiful Character Designs

The lead heroines are the show's stars when you see them on your screen in Lab2 Under Ground APK. Their brightly colored outfits are eye-catching and give gamers an excellent reason to stay focused on their surroundings, making navigation more manageable in the game.

Enemy Variety

Lab2 Under Ground APK has an incredible enemy variety to keep players from losing focus. Each enemy requires a different strategy to beat, and you can’t rush encounters. The game doesn’t let things go stale and introduces monsters to keep you on your toes.

Fun & Entertaining Story

Lab2 Under Ground APK has a fascinating plot to keep you invested. The game’s narrative twists and turns are worthy of writing awards. I looked forward to seeing the next story nugget drop to piece together the whole story.

Helpful Tips For Playing Lab2 Under Ground APK

Lab2 Under Ground APK can be difficult to play, so we have a few tips to help you out.

Avoid Standing Next to Traps

If something looks suspicious in Lab2 Under Ground APK, a general rule of thumb is that it probably is a trap. When you see anything that resembles a trap, don’t go near it until you’ve cleared out other enemies.

Practice Button Timing

Lab2 Under Ground APK requires precision and muscle memory to be good at the game. Practice developing these two skills if you don’t want the game to constantly feel frustrating.

Final Thoughts

Lab2 Under Ground APK is a great game worth checking out, and I highly recommend it. The game’s retro feeling is a big hit with me personally.

Download LAB2 UndeR GrounD [319.92 MB]
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