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Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Size 4.10 Mb
Category Music & Audio
Developer dvdfu
Google Play Link com.dvdfu.keylimba

Play the African kalimba on your phone with melodies exactly as that of any physical instrument. Download Keylimba APK now to enjoy the traditional kalimba!

Introduction To Keylimba APK

Have you been intrigued by the beautiful melodies made by the African Kalimba? Well the producers of Keylimba APK have decided to ease your curiosity by creating this app that imitates the exact notes made by the actual physical instrument. The app is completely ad-free and allows you to spend some money to add instruments to your catalog.

You are free to play anything you want. The fun part is that you don’t need to look at all the keys at once, you can customize the display to how you might want it. The number of keys, the writing on the keys, and the color of the whole display are a hundred percent customizable.

Create melodies of your liking and play them on a loop, or share them with your friends to show off your skills. If you have a creative mind and you are an artist at heart, Keylimba APK is an app designed just for you! You can practice and improve your skills from anywhere at any time. You don’t need to carry a physical instrument around. All you need is a little bit of drive to learn the new skill and become an expert in playing the kalimba and other instruments of your liking.

How To Play Keylimba APK

  • If you don’t already have the Keylimba APK Latest Version, then you are going to have to download it.
  • Click on the Keylimba APK Download link that is on display at the top to start downloading.
  • If this is your first APK file, then you will have to give the file permission to download by turning on the option to allow downloads from unknown sources.
  • After that, open the downloaded file to complete the installation.
  • You’re all set! The interface is easy to understand so you should not have any trouble navigating.
  • Go to the app settings to explore all the color options and various other customizable options.
  • Set the design and the number of keys to your preference and start creating music.
  • You can use the recorder button to record your melodies.
  • There is also an option for looping your recordings and playing them later for your enjoyment.
  • The app offers several other instruments that you can unlock with a little bit of payment, nothing too pricey though, therefore you should not hesitate to treat yourself to all the accurately sounding instruments.
  • Practice and enjoy!

Exciting Features Of Keylimba APK

The app has a lot of fun features, some of which are mentioned in detail below.

Customizable Display

The app Keylimba APK boasts a beautiful colorful display that is fully customizable. You can set it to neutral calming tones or add in a few colors to make it cute. The number of keys that you want to see on your screen is adjustable. You can set the key range at anywhere from 8 to 21. This gives you the freedom to easily practice certain notes at a time instead of getting overwhelmed by all of them on your screen. The writing on the keynotes is also customizable. You can add all the detail you need.  Everything can easily be set to your preferences.

Unlock New Instruments

With a little investment, you can even unlock new instruments that are also made to sound accurate. This can add to your enjoyment and help you create masterpieces from the comfort of your own mobile device. The app is completely ad-free so you do not have to worry about spending your money on an annoying time-wasting app.

Record And Play

Keylimba APK offers the feature of recording your work. The beautiful art pieces can be recorded at will. This gives you the opportunity to listen to yourself without any added noise which you might get when you use a separate recorder. The whole ordeal has been made very convenient by this feature. You can even loop your personal music and play it whenever you want. It can be used as a background for other sensational videos that you make, or simply as a playlist for your entertainment while you go about your daily routine.

Tips To Improve The Experience Of Using Keylimba APK

Understanding how the mechanics of the traditional kalimba should get you there, but the following few tips will be helpful in improving your experience of playing Keylimba APK.

Practice Regularly

Keylimba APK is an app designed to sound exactly the same as the traditional kalimba instrument that is native to Africa. And since nothing in making melodies is automated, you will have to understand how each note sounds and which ones go well together, and that will come with practice. Watch tutorials on how to play the instrument and work on your skills every day.

Listen To Your Melodies

Keylimba APK Latest Version allows you to record all the beautiful melodies that you play, whether traditional or self-made. This feature helps you to practice better, as you can pick out the notes you might have messed up, and you can enjoy the music you created later. You can listen to it while meditating, doing household chores, or even while studying as it sounds peaceful.


Keylimba APK has made it easy for you to make and play traditional African and other songs of your making. This amazing app has the exact same notes as that of the real instruments. It uses little space in your device and gives you the comfort of playing from anywhere, at any time. You can customize the design and colors of the display, keys, and the markings on the keys. With a little investment, you can unlock many other fun instruments that are also designed to sound exactly the same as in real life. Download Keylimba APK now to start creating your own melodies!

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