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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 41 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer SlitherTuft

iBOMMA APK is the only entertainment App you'll need with all the exclusive Indian web series, movies, and tv-shows. iBOMMA APK App streamlines all your entertainment.

iBOMMA APK: The Next Level Entertainment App

iBOMMA APK free download is your one-stop for all your entertainment needs. You can watch all your favorite webisodes, dramas, and Indian films without the hassle of going to a friend's place who has a particular subscription service. You don't even have to go to the theater and wait in a long line, spend any money, and then wait for the commercials to be over to start watching.

With iBOMMA APK latest version all the content you can consume is in one place. Everything is neatly organized by an algorithm that selects what series, movies, and tv shows you will like based on your previously watched content. The smart features of iBOMMA APK Android ensure you don't have to worry about where you left an episode or a movie; it will auto-resume from the last pause.

iBOMMA APK 2024 is also extremely useful for downloading content onto your device, which you can watch later. The best part is that no connection to the internet is required to use this feature. Once a show, movie, or web series is downloaded, you can watch it at your convenience. iBOMMA APK is highly beneficial to people who don't have much free time but still want some entertainment in piecemeal form.

iBOMMA APK alerts users if their favorite movie, tv show, or web series gets an update. The schedule of sequels, spin-offs, new episodes, or remakes, everything relevant to a particular franchise or standalone project, is notified to users so they can keep up with their favorite ones. You can't go wrong with iBOMMA APK as there are many benefits but no downside to using the App.

How to Use iBOMMA APK?

  1. Using iBOMMA APK is simple. The first thing is to get the App downloaded and installed on your device. Don't worry; the file size of iBOMMA APK isn't heavy, so you're device won't malfunction or hang because of it.
  2. iBOMMA APK has a user-friendly interface; even users with limited experience with streaming sites can still use it easily. The main navigation element on the App is done with the touch/tap functionality. The App is quick and responsive, it doesn't take forever to load, nor does it have any lag.
  3. iBOMMA APK can easily make your life easier by suggesting content to you. Most trending and latest movies, shows, and web series are already on the App's front page. If you want something else to watch, select the appropriate tags to check the specific genres, and tap/touch the enter button. The search functionality of iBOMMA APK is excellent and only includes the relevant results to the type of content you're seeking.
  4. iBOMMA APK allows for multiple quality versions of videos which automatically adjusts according to your internet connection parameters. There are various download options available as well to make downloading videos faster. You can tweak the visual quality to suit your preferences for viewing and downloading in the options underneath the video player.
  5. iBOMMA APK also allows multiple device connections to use the App on secondary smart devices. Once you've added your account details to the App, you can select which other devices are synced with yours to give access to iBOMMA APK. This transition is instant; you can even use the App on multiple devices simultaneously.

Exciting Features of iBOMMA APK To Lookout For

iBOMMA APK has tons of excellent features that make the App worth using. If you're wondering what those features are, settle in because we will discuss some of them.


Are you tired of the annoying ads that play during the movie's best parts and ruin the immersion and sour the experience? If the answer is yes, congratulations! With iBOMMA APK, you won't have to worry about ads again. The App ensures you don't see any ads during your viewing.

Free of Charge

iBOMMA APK is free! There's no better motivation to check out the App. The cost is free, and no tiers exist like typical streaming services, where there's only a free trial, but you have to pay for the rest; there's nothing like that in iBOMMA APK.

Multiple Back-up Servers

iBOMMA APK enjoys the support of a diverse and intricate network of servers that ensure all users can view everything available on the site at all times. The third-party links are genuine; even if one is down or broken, the others are always on standby to fill in the gap.

In-Depth Search Function

The great thing about the search function of iBOMMA APK is that you don't have to worry about irrelevant results showing up when you enter the necessary parameters. The in-depth search of iBOMMA APK allows you to look up movies, shows, and web series of a particular actor, director, genre, or the traditional ratings and popularity system.

Helpful Tips For Using iBOMMA APK

iBOMMA APK is pretty straightforward to use, but if you need help, we have some tips to ease your troubles with the App.

Use Back-Up Servers

If the video you're trying to watch isn't playing, you can lessen your headache by switching to the next backup server available. The smart resume allows the video to start from when it was interrupted, even on the new server.

Rate The Videos

You are not obligated to add the videos you like to your favorites category and give them 5 stars, but it's helpful in more ways than you think. Ratings help other users find similar content and bump them into suggestions which overall helps the algorithm of iBOMMA APK.


iBOMMA APK is a certified hit, and we wholeheartedly recommend the App. The useful features and simple interface make watching all your favorite content in one place very convenient.

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