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Price Gratis
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 1.42 GB
Category Puzzle
Developer 505 Games Srl
Google Play Link com.and.games505.humanfallflat

Download Human fall flat APK and have fun playing this adventure game with many puzzles. Control Bob, use cool physics and find new ways to get to the secret gates!

A Look at The Human Fall Flat Android Game

Different types of mobile games are released to the gaming world everyday and one that has recently caught the attention of gamers is puzzle based games. Puzzle games have been known for the usual matching of three tiles to advance system but Human Fall Flat APK has reimagined this gameplay and made this game more exciting than most.

The Human Fall Flat android game has brought a new experience of playing puzzle games and taken it to an entirely new dimension. With its intriguing gameplay, this game wasted no time in becoming a very top-rated mobile game as it has a very vast fanbase of gamers who adore the game. This game is a combination of a recreational simple puzzles and complex challenges, with the use of different physics, it is a game that will keep users engaged always.  It can be said that this game is definitely a game that you should have on your device, and the Human Fall Flat APK download is available here and you can start enjoying this game.

This game was initially only made available on different game consoles such as Play station and Xbox, but due to demand from its fans, a mobile version was developed to allows people enjoy the same gameplay but at the convenience of their mobile device. The mobile application is made accessible to everyone who is interested as it is easily downloaded, the Human Fall Flat APK download can be made here and you don’t have to worry about payment of a subscription or any fee before playing this game.

Although the game is constantly being upgraded by the developers to give players a better gaming experience, it was first released on the 25th of June, 2019 and 505 Games Srl published it. This game is a game players can enjoy playing at their leisure time and as long as your android device is compatible with it, you can enjoy playing this game. There aren’t any restrictions or age limits as there little or no violence, so everyone can play this game.

Playing this game is simple as there are no complex controls and the operations are pretty easy to comprehend. There is a joystick built in the game and it used to move your character around, perform different actions and interact with different activities in the game. There are different levels, multiple customizations and so much fun that you can enjoy having when you play this game, so what are you waiting for? Install this game on your android device and dive into a world of fun.

 Gameplay and Concept on Human Fall Flat APK

This game is a roleplaying game and it can either be played by yourself in as a single player or you can enjoy teaming up with your friends or family in a co-op multiplayer game mode where you can enjoy playing with up to four different people. It is essential to take note that to play the multiplayer mode, a stable internet network is required.

There is so much fun that you can have on this game but the main objective gamers are given in this game is playing the role of a character named Bob and solving challenging tasks to find the gates that lead to the next level. Bob is a human character that can be edited to appear however you like and you can add different items and skins to make him appear as cool as you want.

He is the main character of this game, and you make use of him as you go through different missions, with no superpowers or abilities, and also you can enjoy using different weapons or tools, so the only thing that can be used to make your gameplay simpler is your creative side and initiative to solve complex situations and find the gates. These gates are vital to your gameplay because these are the keys to advancing in the game and unlocking new parts.

One interesting feature of this game that appeals to players is that there are different exciting costumes and skins that players can use to dress up bob to appear more stylish. There is an extensive collection of different skins and appearances, including superheroes, cartoon characters, or cool figures that can be used throughout the game.

There are no rules in this game and players are given the full freedom to play the game in whatever manner they want, as long as you reach your target of finding the secret gate, you can create new ways to play the game. In this game, there are different maps and as you advance and find new gates, new terrains are unlocked and each has beautiful designs and appearances.

The graphics in this game is amazing as there are stunning drawings and beautiful illustrations of the landscapes. It is played in a virtual open world, but the physics laws make the game system appear very authentic and real. The sound system in the game is also very good, with nice sound effects and catchy background music while you are moving around the game.

Experience More Fun on Human Fall Flat APK

This game comes with exciting features that can be used to give players a more interesting gaming experience. Human Fall Flat APK comes with a feature that opens all customizable items and skins so players can enjoy changing the appearance of their character and using all the items and skins, as they’re al made available. This makes playing this game more fun.

Game Features on Human Fall Flat APK

This game has so many game features. Some of them include:

  • Different costumes and skins:

One of the most attractive features of this game that appeals to gamers is the number of skins and customizable items in this game. You can have fun equipping Bob with these items and making him appear as stylish as possible.

  • Multiple landscapes:

There are different landscapes in this game and each have their own unique designs and appearances that appeal to the eyes of players. You will discover new landscapes as you progress in the game and open new gates.

  • Game modes:

Players can enjoy playing different game modes so they will always have something to do. You can have fun either playing alone as a single player or teaming up with other players of this game on a multiplayer mode. Note that up to four players can join a multiplayer party and stable internet is needed to play better.

  • Convenient operations:

This game is very straight forward and you can start playing this game easily without having any problems. The control system in this game is simple as there are operations on the screen that perform different actions when they are pressed.

  • Graphics:

The visuals in this game can be said to be impeccable as there are good drawings of the characters and environments. As previously stated, there are unique designs to each terrain and the fact that the world in this game is three dimensional, players love it.


Suppose you are looking for an amazing game to play when you’re bored and have free time, then this game is the ideal application to have on your device. With different levels and customizable items, players will always be kept engaged.

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