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Hotel Story APK 2.0.10



Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.0.3+
Size 19.7 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Happy Labs
Google Play Link com.happylabs.hotelstory

Run a bustling hotel management business with Hotel Story APK. Hotel Story APK Android is a unique simulator experience that will keep you constantly engaged.

Hotel Story APK: A Simulator Worth Your Time

If you’re ever wondering what it would feel like if you were a hotel manager, but don’t want to work as one, then look no further, as Hotel Story APK download will simulate the experience. You’ll be kept on your toes by the sheer volume of things happening on screen.

Hotel Story APK game is a fun, interesting, and engaging activity that will help you understand the stress of keeping up with a demanding job. The intricate details behind the scenes of hotel management will be revealed as you start the hotelfrom scratch and work your way to the top.

There are numerous facilities and equipment you can purchase to run the hotel. You will need to manage the cash flow, seek a proper balance between daily income and expenses, and pay attention to customer demands to provide services.

How to Play Hotel Story APK?

  1. The small file size of Hotel Story APK ensures you’re not waiting long for the game to finish downloading and installing on your device. The game is entirely free-to-play with the added benefit of offline play, which is a big plus.
  2. The graphics of the game are pixelated, and that’s why Hotel Story APK will run smoothly, even on low-end devices. The game’s different prompts will help you if you’re neglecting anything important; the main goal is to have the hotel filled to the max capacity.
  3. To attract customers, you will need to make purchases of different essential hotel equipment, like comfortable beds, luxury bathtubs, laundry machines, massage chairs, and so on. Depending on your income, you can start with cheaper-priced facilities before moving on to expensive ones.
  4. Hotel Story APK will also make you want to invest in housekeeping staff and other service personnel because the bigger the hotel gets; it will only get harder to manage. You will need to watch guests’ satisfaction level, and if it’s high, you’ll receive tips.
  5. Hotel Story APK has a reputation mechanic, which will determine your place among the most famous hotels. The game’s multiplayer component allows you to visit other players’ hotels to see and compare how you stack up.

Exciting Features of Hotel Story APK

Hotel Story APK has a lot of work put into it, and it’s amazing how well the developers have managed to cram so many exciting features into the game. We will highlight some unique ones for you to get an idea of how fun the game is.

Guests With Unique Tastes

The guests who will come flooding your hotel will have their preferences displayed on their thought bubbles; you can understand more by clicking/tapping them. Hotel Story APK will have you juggling between different guests, all with their quirks that you’ll have to satisfy.

The most important thing to remember is that there is no shortage of guests in Hotel Story APK; you will have to manage them tactfully. The rooms need to be big and plenty, the game tests your anticipation skills and how good you are at predicting the flow of customers.

Diverse Facilities

Many services are offered to guests in Hotel Story APK, and you will need to maximize those investments, which will grant you a constant return. Public bath houses are a popular facility that customers demand, but you’ll need separate ones for men and women.

The massage chair might seem expensive and down on the priority list, but it will allow you to make extra money which you can use to upgrade your hotel. The massage chairs also improve the guests’ satisfaction level, which will help you with additional tips.

Aesthetic Improvements

Aside from the essential equipment and facilities, you will also need to improve the hotel’s decor in Hotel Story APK. Things such as libraries, swimming pools, vending machines, and spa rooms all count towards this but so do improved lighting, expensive bedrooms, and shops.

The statues, water fountains, beautiful parks with trees and flowers, and recreational activities like cycling, basketball court, and tennis court all work toward making your customers’ experience as satisfying as possible.

Useful Tips for Playing Hotel Story APK

Hotel Story APK has an unbelievable amount of content you can discover when you play it for yourself, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. We have a few useful tips for you to get your feet wet and ease into the swing of things when you start Hotel Story APK

Avoid Overspending

Overspending early on when you are just beginning to play Hotel Story APK will land you a lot of trouble, so whatever happens, don’t do it. You’re better off thinking small, going for cheaper options at the start of your playthrough, and as you save up, you can improve things little by little.

Seek Multiplayer Option

The multiplayer option in Hotel Story APK is perfect for consulting friends,

seeking inspiration for hotel ideas, and sharing your designs with them. You will

find it much more fun if the game is played between friends rather than solo.

Pay Attention to Guests

Hotel Story APK will remind you if the guest’s satisfaction drops, but before that happens, you must act preemptively and ensure their needs are taken care of; otherwise, there is a potential revenue loss which is a big no-no.

Final Thoughts

Hotel Story APK is the best hotel simulation game, and you will find its unique

management system pressuring you to improve things to be a fun challenge. I

highly recommend the game, and it’s worth your time, especially if you want to

see how well you do in a pressure situation.

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