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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 143 MB
Category Adventure
Developer LAGS
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Hailey’s Treasure Adventure APK is a jump-and-run game that turns into a gift that keeps on giving. If you are a fun of some exciting, naughty arcade fun, get it now!

Introduction to Hailey’s Treasure Adventure APK

A fan of jump-and-run games that have a twist on the classic formula? Well, Hailey’s Treasure Adventure APK latest version has got you covered. Following a miner’s quest toward freedom, this game offers a few unique experiences that are surely going to tickle your fancy both literally and figuratively.

The game follows the quest of Hailey as she tries and finds her father’s hidden lost treasure which a solicitor demands of her. If you opt for Hailey’s Treasure Adventure APK download, you’ll be greeted with non-stop action and fun right from the get-go.

Forced to explore deep caves and taverns in lieu of her father’s treasure, Hailey has to go through multiple puzzles, obstacles, and a variety of enemies to try and get to the ultimate treasure that she truly needs.

The game follows a relatively linear difficulty curve. This means that as you progress in Hailey’s Treasure Adventure APK Android, you won’t really the game getting extremely difficulty and will rather retain the same level of playibility and enjoyment.


Exciting Features to Look Out For In Hailey’s Treasure Adventure APK

Hailey’s Treasure Adventure APK features a plethora of fun features that truly makes the game unique and memorable:

Immersive Graphics

The artists and developers clearly have put in a ton of love and work to the game. The graphics are truly specatacular and the meticulously designed enemies alongside Hailey’s stunning attractive character model leads to an immersive experience.

Puzzle Solving

There’s no fun playing a puzzle game if the puzzles seem too easy or way too complex. Thankfully, Hailey’s Treasure Adventure drives a balanced median and ensures that you’ll have fun no matter what your skill level.

Achievement Hunting

Hailey’s Treasure Adventure APK download features a ton of achievements that are guaranteed to keep you busy for a while. So, even if you do end the game (good on you!) you’ll still have a ton of things to do which will keep the level of replayibility high.


Tips to Play Hailey’s Treasure Adventure APK

Now that you’ve gone through the basics of what the game is about, here’s a few tips and tricks that’ll help you get started.

  • Keep Moving: You’ll succumb to monsters fairly quickly if you don’t keep moving. The horde does a nasty thing of clumbing up if you are slow. So, always keep moving.
  • Think Outside the Box: Puzzles are meant to keep you on your feet and give you a good tease. So, if you want to have a chance of solving them, try and find different ways to navigate.
  • Give Yourself A Break: Puzzle games can often tire you out. Couple that with a jump and run situation and you’ll be tired in no time. So, give yourself a break and get back to that level you just can’t clear.


Hailey’s Treasure Adventure is one of those games that you just can’t put down after you get started. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Hailey’s Treasure Adventure APK Android download right now and get started with this epic adventure.

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