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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 211 MB
Category Role Playing
Developer Kakao Games Corp.

Guardian Tales APK is a Top-down Pixelated RPG game. Set it in a fantasy world known as Kanterbury, under attack by the evil forces known as the Invaders.

Introduction To Guardian Tales APK

RPG games have been a major part of the gaming community as a whole with a huge player base since the dawn of video games. But more recently, they have been taking the mobile gaming community by storm. Guardian Tales APK is one of the titles contributing to this sudden spike in popularity.

Guardian Tales APK is a simple Top-down RPG game with a pixelated art style. The game is set in a vibrant and colorful fantasy world known as Kanterbury. The world is under attack by the Invaders and is destined to be saved by the infamous Guardian hero; the player.

The player has access to a personal Castle that they can fully customize. Guardian Tales APK has a large catalog of weapons and heroes that the players can unlock and add to their own personal collection.

The game additionally offers a full-fledged Multiplayer part of the game with PvP and co-op. You can create guilds with your friends and share your collection of heroes and weapons along with your castle. Create a party of your 3 best heroes that synergize well with each other and face other players in real-time.

How To Play Guardian Tales APK

  • To play Guardian Tales APK, you will need to download it using a trusted website, and that is none other than APKCima, a website that ensures your Android’s safety.
  • Search for Guardian Tales APK android in the search bar.
  • You will easily find the Guardian Tales APK download link. Click on it to begin the downloading process.
  • If you have never downloaded APK files then you are going to have to allow the option in your setting that says permit downloads from unknown sources.
  • Once the download is finished, move to your phone’s file manager and click on the newly downloaded Guardian Tales APK game.
  • This will trigger the installation process and your game will be ready for you to play.
  • Since this will be your first time playing, you will be guided by a tutorial to teach you the controls.
  • You are free to design your own floating castle using the various themes and features provided.
  • Choose your favorite weapons and strategize with your team from your floating castle customized fully to fit your taste.
  • Go around to discover all the intriguing elements and secret pathways to find treasures and upgrade your squad.
  • You will be starting out small but soon, as the game progresses, you will have to fight off stronger and more dangerous monsters.
  • But the bigger the game, the bigger the prize! So set off on your adventure and build your guardian empire!

Exciting Features In Guardian Tales APK To Lookout For

Guardian Tales APK’s attractive and engaging gameplay is all thanks to the cool features the game offers. Some of the major ones have been given below.

Engaging Storyline

Aside from the typical stat grinding that makes or breaks an RPG, Guardian Tales APK has a very intriguing storyline. The story of RPGs is another major factor that determines their enjoyability. There are many major missions and side quests that the player can complete and earn rewards. Guardian Tales APK also offers countless NPCs with different dialogues and some with their own questlines.

Customizable Floating Castle

Guardian Tales APK does not constrict you to the same boring commanding base, instead, you are being offered a chance to design a floating castle completely to suit your own taste. Whether you like goth, cute, or classy themes, look through the available elements and you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Strategize With Your Guild Friends

Go ahead and make friends with other players. You do not need to be alone, join a guild, and party hard in the guild house. You can also show off your skills and learn battle strategies from more experienced players in the game. You are also free to face enemies together with your friends and come home with greater rewards!

Tips To Play Guardian Tales APK

Players that are relatively new to the RPG genre can struggle a bit while starting the game off. To help these players and everyone else in general, we have listed a few tips below.

Character Synergy

You can unlock various heroes each with their own abilities. Choose 3 of your best heroes and create an unstoppable team that can power through the dungeons and enemies with ease. Upgrade your characters to make them further stronger. Make sure you time their abilities as well to output optimal damage. Try out various character combinations to figure out one team that you can use and destroy the competetion.

Join or Create A Guild

Just by being a member of a Guild alone provide various perks such as access to exclusive cosmetic items. You can also invite your friends and take on new and more difficult dungeons together.

Complete Quests

Guardian Tales APK offers main story Quests and side Quests that award the player with various items.Once you are done with the main story you will no longer have access to any story quests to earn rewards off of, but you will have accumulated quite a lot of rewards. Aside from the story quests, you will also have a set of daily quests that also give you a regular supply of valuable rewards.


Retro games or new games with an old school feel have been rising up quite a bit in the recent years. Guardian Tales APK gives the users a well made modern RPG game on mobile with a pixelated old school art style along with retro controls. If you have been looking for games that can give you an engaging session of RPG gameplay, but also have a nostalgic factor, Guardian Tales APK is the perfect game for you to play!

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