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Style your chibis and take them into battle in a turn-based RPG. Download Gacha Nox APK then start playing and try your best to unlock all amazing in-game features!

Gacha Nox APK: An Outlet for Your Creativity

You might have heard of Gacha Life, the predecessor to Gacha Club. However, the new and improved version Gacha Nox APK contains many more additional improvements brought to your chibis, along with an interesting turn-based element sure to excite players.

What’s New With Gacha Nox APK?

The Gacha series has always been about styling out your anime characters. But Lunime decided to take it one step further in 2020 with the Gacha Nox APK.

Not only are you able to customize your character’s various features with much more depth compared to the previous games, but you are also able to play through different modes within the game with a fun RPG element.

Over the course of your journey, you’ll be unlocking different characters as well as items to equip them with. The stronger you are, the better your odds against the enemy.


There’s A LOT more customization this time around. And we mean, A LOT. You can go for select presets as you like on different characters. Equip them with different accessories for their top, bottom, and head.

Not only can you customize the base look of your character, but also give them a pet, add effects to their clothing, and different animations! Want another pose? The sky is the limit for your imagination.

Fight it Out in Battle Mode

Once you’re done decking out each and every single one of your allies, and have achieved a reasonable amount of fashion sense. You can dive right into the Training Mode to grasp the ropes of the combat system in the game.

It’s not difficult, so bear with us here. Your units will attack the enemies, in the midst of which you can unleash your team’s special abilities by tapping on them. Make sure to collect items that will gradually improve your units and turn the tide in your favor.


There’s a Campaign!

When you’re done practicing your moves in the Training Mode, it’s time to dive right into the Campaign. For the main story, you’ll be completing various objectives, as you fight through hordes of enemies. Pay attention to the dialog as those will be your main cues as to what’s actually going on in the story.

Tower Mode

After completing the story, there’s still much more to do! With the customizations, you’ve made, and the characters that you’ve built over the time playing Gacha Nox APK, you can head right into the Tower Mode. In the Tower Mode, you’ll be fighting endless waves of enemies. Last as long as you can!

No Player-to-Player Interaction

Contrary to the previous game, Gacha Nox APK for Android has no player-to-player interaction. You’ll be facing your enemies all by yourself. This can actually be a plus point as the game’s community is fairly toxic itself.

Tips for Playing Gacha Nox APK

It’s no longer sufficient to just style out your chibis. You’ve got to prepare them for battle, and to assist you in your journey, we’ve got a few tips up and ready for you.

Finish the Campaign First

We suggest that before you do anything, focus on the main story first. By completing all the battles thrown at you in the campaign, you will receive a bunch of gems and materials that you can later use to make your team more powerful with more upgrades. At the end, you’ll be powerful enough to step into the endgame.

Understand Your Characters

It’s important to thoroughly read through each and every character’s abilities and what makes them unique. Your team will attack the enemies automatically, and the enemies will counter-attack. Your role is to strategically use the special skills that your characters have once they reach max mana. Make sure you’re well aware of what ability each of your team members has and utilize them correctly.


Pick the Right Composition

Make sure you’ve got the right mix of characters. Each individual has their own skills, so you need to find a good comp that complements each other’s skills. Make your buying decisions for different characters based on their abilities and if you can’t afford the ones you want, then continue saving up.

Buy Upgrades

As you progress further into the game, you will have accumulated enough materials and gems. Under the units menu, you will find your characters. You can enhance two aspects of your character; their levels and skills. If you improve their level, you will be increasing their defense, attack as well as their HP.

By improving their skill levels, you will be making their skills more powerful. You can acquire the gold and materials required to level your characters up by playing through minigames and other activities.

Play Through Minigames

As we discussed, to gather the materials you need, you’ll need to play through the minigames that Gacha Nox APK has to offer. You can find various games that offer short-term fun like Mascot Whack!, Memory Match, Usagi vs Neko, and Lemo & Yumi Dance. There are only four mini-games found in Gacha Club and not only can you have a ton of fun while playing through them but adequate rewards for the rest of your journey as well!


Well, now you know how to take care of your chibis! Upgrade them and jump right into battle while you can. There’s a lot of fun to be had and a ton of progression to be made, so let’s get customizing.

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