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Developer Nebula

Gacha Nebula APK is a role-playing game based on the famous Gacha Club game. Gacha Nebula APK is set in a fantasy world where you are free to do anything!

Gacha Nebula APK: Play For Fun & Jolly Wholesomeness

Gacha Nebula is a role-playing RPG based on the iconic game Gacha Club. Gacha Nebula APK was previously available on as an extension and was called Gacha Nox. Gacha Nebula itself is also an extension based on Gacha Club with lots of new and updated features, but it requires the Gacha Nebula APK to run the game.

Gacha Nebula APK comes with several new characters and a lot of new customization features than the original game. The gameplay however is pretty much the same since after all, Gacha Nebula APK is an extension of Gacha Club.

Gacha Nebula has been developed by the widely known user in the Gacha community; “Noxula”. And so far, this is the Gacha Nebula beta as far as we know, so there can potentially be some bugs in the game. If any bugs are encountered, please report them to Noxula’s Discord server.

How to Play Gacha Nebula?

  1. Gacha Nebula is playable right after you download the Gacha Nebula APK on your device. Gacha Nebula is available on multiple platforms including Android, PC, and surprisingly even IOS!
  2. Gacha Nebula does not require a very high-end device as it is not very graphics-heavy and does not have a stupidly large download size either.
  3. The gameplay is identical to Gacha Club so players should not have much difficulty playing Gacha Nebula.
  4. There is a Gacha Nebula APK Android version as well as an IOS version. This means even mobile devices can efficiently run the game.

Exciting Features In Gacha Nebula

As mentioned earlier, the Gacha Nebula APK introduces several new characters, customizable settings, etc.

We are going to look at some of the additions that have been made.

Character Creation

Gacha games usually have customizable characters. In fact, character creation is one of the community's most adored parts of Gacha games. Over 300 customizable options are available, including costumes, hairstyles, pets, accessories, and much more.


Gacha Nebula allows the players to build their unique anime-style character from scratch, or customize the available character if it's too much of a hassle. Either way, all the different customizable features let players bring their imagination to "life".

Players have the ability to fully customize their character by adjusting face size, eye color, hairstyle, hair color, skin tone, facial expression, and much more! On top of all this, several new outfits and accessories have also been added. This complete freedom will really make you appreciate the impressive attention to detail.

Studio Mode

This is by far one of the best and most unique features in Gacha Nebula. In most Gacha games, the player plays through a story with role-playing-based gameplay. Gacha Nebula is no different, but it has an addition to Studio Mode.

Studio Mode essentially lets players create their own plot with up to 10 characters. The player has complete control. They can add dialogue, a pet, objects, a background, etc. Everything is entirely up to the player. Players can even customize the backgrounds and foregrounds by designing something themselves to give the game a refreshing look.

Battle Mode

Gacha Nebula has a feature called “Battle”. To win a battle, the player’s units must attack and defeat the monsters that oppose them. Both monsters and the player’s units damage each other’s HP. The game is over when all of your units are destroyed. This is essentially the same as Gacha Club “Battle” function but with the addition of new characters.

Gacha Nebula’s Battle Mode has a total of 4 sections.

Main Story

This section has a total of 5 chapters, each of them divided into 7 sub-chapters. This mode continues on with the game’s main story. The last battle of every chapter is always a boss fight.


Elemental Towers

The second section in Battle Mode consists of 6 towers, each with 6 different elements. Upon besting each section of a tower with its respective element, the player will fight a boss. Once the boss is defeated, the player will move on to the next Tower.


The third section is used for training the player’s units to gain money and exp etc. There is another part of this section called “Shadow Training” which can only be unlocked once the player has completed Chapter 2.

Shadows of Corruption

This is the fourth and last section of the Battle Mode in Gacha Nebula. Similar to shadow training, this can only be unlocked if the player has completed Chapter 2. This is a Boss rush game mode.


On top of the detailed Character Customization, the player can also fully design their created character’s lifestyle by exploring the various different places in the world of Gacha Nebula. The game has many cities to explore and spend time in.

Mini Games

As of today, Gacha Nebula has a total of eight mini-games available for example, Phantom Phoenix, Duck and Dodge, etc. Players can grind these mini-games simply for fun and also to farm diamonds.

This was only a quick glimpse at some of the features Gacha Nebula offers. There is much more you will find once you experience the game for yourself.


Playing a role-playing-based RPG game with a self-made anime-styled character set in a fantasy world free to do anything? Seems like a dream come true for all Gacha fans. There is one final question that must be answered. Is the Gacha Nebula APK free? And the answer to that is yes.

The Gacha Nebula APK is completely free for all platforms. There is no reason to skip out on this game, so what are you waiting for? Download the Gacha Nebula APK for free and enjoy the amazing game that it is.

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