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Forest Of The Blue Skin APK v6.0.1



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Compatible with Android 4.4+
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Developer zell2323
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Forest Of The Blue Skin APK is one the most eye-popping and attention-grabbing games you’ll ever play. The fantasy adventure side-scroller is highly enjoyable.

Forest Of The Blue Skin APK: The Fantasy Fulfilling Mature RPG

If you’re a gamer on the hunt for a game that’s fun yet also a mature RPG, then Forest Of The Blue Skin APK game is the best option.

Combining all excellent elements of classic and retro-style aesthetics with fluid and intense-paced gameplay, Forest Of The Blue Skin APK Android impresses with its fantastic presentation.

Forest Of The Blue Skin APK download brings a plethora of exciting concepts that appeal to a broad audience. The anime influence is clear as day, and fans of adult themes are in for a treat with the catchy monster-girls character designs. Forest Of The Blue Skin APK is the perfect monster-hunting side-scrolling platforming action game to keep you busy.

Forest Of The Blue Skin APK has an enormous game map filled with tons of secrets and extra goodies that are an excellent incentive for exploring every nook and cranny. The pixelated art style balances things nicely by giving players a false sense of security with its soothing colorful environments. Forest Of The Blue Skin APK is deceptive as it sends players into the trap of the beautiful monster girls who came after the protagonist without warning.

Background Story: Forest Of The Blue Skin APK

Forest Of The Blue Skin APK is not a game with a complex narrative; the story is entirely straightforward. The main character is a naive protagonist who is surprisingly resourceful and decides to go on a hunting quest to defeat and capture the terrorizing monster girls.


If the hero is successful, he is rewarded with winning the fight and riches from the hunt and receiving affection from the monster girls he’s captured. The monster girls are not one-dimensional or generic in their approach; each requires a different strategy to beat them.

How To Play Forest Of The Blue Skin APK?

  1.  Forest Of The Blue Skin APK is playable instantly on your Android devices; you must first download and install the game. Don’t worry; the game won’t take up a massive chunk of space on your device, as the Forest Of The Blue Skin APK graphics aren’t heavy.
  2. Forest Of The Blue Skin APK has a very simple control scheme, which is also highly responsive, and there’s hardly any lag, so expect smooth gameplay. The main component is side-scrolling and platforming for traversal; the players must master the two mechanics to survive combat scenarios with the monster girls.
  3. Forest Of The Blue Skin APK works on a balancing act between the pleasure level and the protagonist's health. The minions of the monster girls come from every direction to get the player character’s pleasure level high; whenever it rises, the health lowers. Seeing the unique interaction animations is tempting, but make sure the hero doesn’t die.


Exciting Features Of Forest Of The Blue Skin APK To Lookout For

We’ll highlight the amazing features of Forest Of The Blue Skin APK to show you how great the game is.

Unique Monster Girls

Forest Of The Blue Skin APK's main appeal is the monster girls. Players will encounter diverse characters with special abilities and attractive character models. Some are perky, while others are lithe; they can be humanoid or shapeshifters, anthropomorphic, and even undead. You won’t get bored when facing them.

Addictive Gameplay

The combat and abilities you gain from defeating monster girls keep the game fresh and engaging. Players won’t feel bored, and the exploration scenarios give the game a Metroidvania vibe.

Useful Tips For Playing Forest Of The Blue Skin APK

If you want help with Forest Of The Blue Skin APK, we’ve got you covered.

Avoid Exploring When Health Is Low

It’s always enticing to check out new areas, but if your health is low, you shouldn’t do that. Wait and recover your health before resuming exploration, as you never know what’s lurking around the character’s surroundings.

Practice New Abilities

Forest Of The Blue Skin APK grants players new abilities after defeating monster girls; players should quickly master them to gain an advantage in future encounters and defeat other monster girls.

Final Thoughts

Forest Of The Blue Skin APK is a fun, engaging, innovative, and fantastic game that we highly recommend checking out.

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