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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 76 MB
Category Communication
Developer Fouad Mokdad

FM WhatsApp APK is the special edition of your favorite social platform, bringing a lot to the table. FMWhatsApp will make you engrossed with its amazing features.

FM WhatsApp APK: The Special WhatsApp For Special People

The many benefits of FM WhatsApp download will make you upgrade to this version from the original WhatsApp in no time. You get plenty of options for using FM WhatsApp, and there is so much to check out that you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch over sooner.

The issue of privacy and security measures for this purpose is one of the main focal points of FM WhatsApp APK. Maintaining your privacy in FM WhatsApp latest version is done by features like removing the blue tick or freezing the last seen status; both help to hide your activity.

FM WhatsApp 2024 can also be used to bring a new look to the interface, and it has numerous customization options for you to check out. FM WhatsApp free will not force anything on you, and you won’t be bombarded with microtransactions or ads to purchase anything.

How to Use FM WhatsApp APK?

  1. FM WhatsApp old version is still a better option than the vanilla WhatsApp, as you still have access to new features that are either not available or arriving late on the original. FM WhatsApp official needs to be downloaded and installed before you can use it.
  2. FM WhatsApp Android has an average file size and won’t take up a lot of space in your device’s memory. The time it takes for FM WhatsApp APK to start and be operational on your device is instantaneous as soon as the formalities of information are entered.
  3. FM WhatsApp APK allows users to back up their chats and deleted messages even if the sender has wiped them from their device; you can still view and show them to others. FM WhatsApp APK also secures your privacy by hiding media attachments from others.
  4. You can also directly make calls with FM WhatsApp APK to unknown numbers eliminating the need to save that particular number before you can dial it. FM WhatsApp APK can view deleted WhatsApp statuses, so you don’t miss out.
  5. The cumbersome limits set in the original WhatsApp are easily bypassed, and you can share large files as big as 100 MBs with your contacts in FM WhatsApp APK. The increased limit allows for sharing high-quality pictures without any need to modify them.

Exciting Features of FM WhatsApp APK to Lookout For

FM WhatsApp APK has been built with user-friendliness being a top priority, and you’ll notice the ease with which you can use it and access its amazing features. We’ll cover the ones that we found to be extremely useful.

Safety First

The chat lock and overall WhatsApp lock features are now necessary to prevent prying eyes from reading your intimate and private conversations, and FM WhatsApp APK has both. You lock chats, and only the correct pin code, pattern, or fingerprint will show them.

The safety mechanisms in FM WhatsApp APK don’t stop there, as you can add more privacy measures like hiding your view status, it allows you to see a status without the owner finding out. You can also hide your typing and recording status so you won’t be bothered by stalkers.

Large Capacity For Sharing

Another handy feature of FM WhatsApp APK is the larger file size capability that you have access to. The 100 MB limit is more than enough for sharing audio files over the 40-minute mark, which can hardly be done in the original WhatsApp.

The limit increase enables you to directly share high-quality images through FM WhatsApp APK without first downloading and compressing it to meet the requirements of vanilla WhatsApp. You can also forward images or messages multiple times, not just 5 at a time; it’s a huge relief.

Customization For Enthusiasts

There is a treasure trove of customization in FM WhatsApp APK for people who enjoy changing their apps' outlook and overall appearance. The simple generic emojis can be replaced with cool variants, and texts can also be altered so your messages will have a unique style.

The customization features of FM WhatsApp APK don’t end here, as you can easily change the App's color scheme and background wallpaper. The generic base of the vanilla WhatsApp is replaced with the feel and vibe of your mood through vibrant color schemes.

Helpful Tips for Using FM WhatsApp APK

FM WhatsApp APK is easy to grasp and use, and you won’t need much guidance. However, we’ve got some tips for enhancing your experience and making full use of FM WhatsApp APK.

The Anti-Revoke

Usually, businessmen or any formal organization representatives that contact you their words carry weight. However, sometimes fraudsters are in the mix and try to gaslight you; to ensure transparency, use the Anti-Revoke feature to prevent any messages from being deleted.

Protection Against Bans

There are situations where you might be framed for fraud and find your account has been banned wrongfully. Thankfully, through FM WhatsApp APK you won’t have to worry about this; you can delete and reinstall the App, and it will be as if the ban hadn’t been imposed.

Theme Store

If you’re looking for more options to spruce up the FM WhatsApp APK look, we point you to the dedicated theme store that contains even more background wallpapers and themes. You’ll find the color series and art style that matches your preferences and mood.

Final Verdict

FM WhatsApp APK has been nothing short of amazing as far as its advanced features and improvements over the original WhatsApp are concerned. I highly recommend checking it out and seeing for yourself the wonderful things you can do.

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