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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 10.2 MB
Category Tools
Developer FLUXUS

Fluxus Executor APK is a script injecting tool for Roblox. You can run any exploits for any game so long as you have its script. Try it now to take advantage of it!

Introduction To Fluxus APK

Fluxus Executor APK is slowly becoming one of the best and well-known Roblox script executors. For those of you who have never used or heard of a scrip executor before, it is essentially a code editor that you have access to. Roblox games are where this code will take effect.

Luckily, Fluxus APK can be used to its maximum potential by all users, regardless of your background knowledge about coding. Whether you have been coding for years or if you have never written a piece of code before. You can indeed use your coding skills if you possess any and create scripts of your own, but typically you would use readymade codes available online. With these scripts, you can become the best player in the server or even ascend the abilities of a normal player due to the features you will have access to. All without having to grind several hours everyday.

Now let’s get straight into how you can install and benefit from Fluxus APK.

How To Use Fluxus APK 2024

  • First and foremost, you will have to delete the current Roblox launcher you have on your Android device.
  • Now head over to our completely free and trusted site APKCima and search for Fluxux APK latest version.
  • Click download and open a new tab in your browser.
  • Search for Fluxus.net and download the modded Roblox APK.
  • The Fluxus APK installation file is quite small so it should be downloaded within a minute. The Roblox APK may take a minute.
  • Once the download is complete, open the file manager in your Android device and run Fluxus APK’s installation file.
  • Your Android device will warn you about the file potentially being malicious, but it is just a false positive. Just click settings and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Now run the Roblox installation file and follow the same procedure.
  • Once both the apps are installed, launch Fluxus APK Android.
  • Upon launching, Fluxus APK will ask permission for access to the files and media of your Android device.
  • Again, this is completely safe, so click allow.
  • You will now have to wait through a loading where Fluxus APK will initiallize its set up.
  • Once this completes, Fluxus APK will ask you to uninstall the Roblox launcher.
  • Click uninstall, now Fluxus APK will attemp to reinstall it and will require permission to install.
  • Again, click settings and click allow from this source; “Fluxus APK”.
  • The Roblox launcher will be installed yet again.
  • Launch Roblox and enter any game, this will pop up the Fluxus welcome menu and you will be have 2 buttons, Enter Key or Get Key.
  • A link will be copied to your clipboard, leave the roblox experience, open your browser, and paste the link.
  • You will have to go through a linkvertise process, which may be annoying but it is the only way to get Fluxus APK for free.
  • When you complete the Linkverise, you will be given a key.
  • Open the new Roblox APK again and now when Fluxus APK pops up, click Enter Key and paste the key.
  • You will now have access to a blank page where you can write scripts yourself or paste some readymade ones.
  • Search for Fluxus Executor scripts for the game you want, inject them, and enjoy!


Built-in Featuers Of Fluxus APK

Here are some of the integrated features of Fluxus APK.

Wide Array Of Scripts

Fluxus APK has access to numerous readymade scripts for several games on Roblox. The players can use these scripts to their advantage and gain an edge over other players. Most of these scripts are available online for free and exclusively for Fluxus APK. All the users need to do is copy and paste the scripts into the appointed area.


Easy To Use User Interface

Fluxus APK has a really simple interface, you can execute your scripts without any complications. As mentioned earlier, all you have to do is copy and paste your desired script when you are in the Roblox experience, execute the code and it will instantly be injected into the game.

Helpful Support Team

With apps like Fluxus APK, users can run into problems. Maybe they ran the wrong script on the wrong game, or just accidentally messed up the script while pasting it. Any problems that users may have can be placed in front of the support team, and they will help users deal with them in no time.

Tips To Use Fluxus APK

Here are some tips to use Fluxus APK optiamally.

Utilize Save Option

Fluxus APK offers the users an option to save and load the scripts they use. So if you used a script for let’s say a game called “Blox Fruits” on Roblox, you will not need to paste and execute the script again. All you have to do is load your previously used scripts. This will save you a lot of time, you will be able to focus more on playing and less on the jarring script execution process.

Update Regularly

Similar to the support team, Fluxus APK’s developers are also very dedicated to making the user’s experience with Fluxus better. They release updates regularly with new features and improvements. So to utilize these improvements and new features, make sure to update Fluxus APK.


If you want to enjoy Roblox games but you do not feel like spending countless hours getting better at them, Fluxus APK has got you covered. You can run scripts with ease and gain quite the edge over your opponents with no effort. Make sure to follow the Fluxus APK download process carefully though, you do not want to download malware into your Android device. 

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