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Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Size 91.59 Mb
Category Sports
Developer mobirix
Google Play Link com.mobirix.fishinghook

Enjoy the authentic fishing experience in Fishing hook APK. The game is designed to emulate real-life fishing elements, but it’s not dull; it’s fast and exciting.

Fishing Hook APK: Catch Those Mighty Fish & Become Famous

Fishing Hook APK download is the perfect fishing simulator, and no other game that claims to be a fishing simulator comes close to matching its quality. In Fishing Hook APK latest version, you will set your fishing rod into the farthest parts of the sea and wait for the signs to capture a prized fish.

Fishing Hook APK Android is designed to emulate the experience of veteran fishermen, but not in its entirety. The process is sped up to the exciting parts, and the endless waiting is eliminated to bring you the best parts of fishing in Fishing Hook APK. The game has tons of fish for you to catch, and the variety of species will impress fish enthusiasts.

Fishing Hook APK has a fine balance between catching far-off fish; you can pull them in closer but have to time the striking well to tame them. If you miss continuous perfect time strikes, the fish could escape from the hook, and if you pull too early, the hook might miss the fish completely.

Finesse and speed are needed in real fishing, and precision and muscle memory are required in Fishing Hook APK. You will have a blast playing the game and be hooked (pun intended) by how well every aspect of fishing has been incorporated. The game receives regular updates, and you can always look for exciting new content whenever devs release it.

How to Play Fishing Hook APK?

  1. You can play Fishing Hook APK immediately after the game is downloaded and installed on your device. The game can be played offline, which is a huge positive, and the small filesize of Fishing Hook APK entails that the game won’t take up a large chunk of space in your device’s memory.
  2. Fishing Hook APK has a user-friendly control scheme where most functions happen with a single tap or touch. Some more intricate actions require multiple taps, like reeling in the fish or striking it. These actions are necessary to capture rare fish and make them heel.
  3. Fishing Hook APK has full achievements support by the developers that you can add to your profile to showcase your accomplishments with the game, but the game won’t give them to you easily. You have to work for those achievement badges; some rarer ones are tied to capturing the big fish that don’t come out easily.
  4. Fishing Hook APK is a game that will engross you with a beautiful sea backdrop and superb sound design. Each action will feel authentic and not phoned in; the feeling of being at sea and relaxing while waiting for a fish to take the bait is brilliantly captured.
  5. Fishing Hook APK provides players with important information about where the hook lands and at which depth certain species will likely bite. You can manually adjust the direction through the touch controls, and if you’re completely off the mark, reel the hook back and try again to get to the right distance.

Exciting Features of Fishing Hook APK to Lookout For

Fishing Hook APK has a ton of exciting features for players to discover, and we will put the spotlight over a few of them that deserve a special mention.

Beautiful Graphics & Immersive Sound Design

One of the main hooks (Ha! Pardon the pun again) of Fishing Hook APK is the art style and the realistic immersion you feel when you hear the sounds of your actions in the game. The sound of seagulls in the distance, as the boat rocks with each passing wave underneath, and the rush of excitement with each bite you get from the fish make the game a masterpiece.

Multi-Lingual Support

If English isn’t your first language, don’t worry because the game’s developers have made it as accessible as possible with multiple language support. You can choose from one of the many languages the game offers you, and the number is a surprisingly high 16.

Authentic Fishing Experience

Fishing Hook APK has some of the most innovative gameplay mechanics you’ll ever see, and the gameplay is completely authentic, aside from a few things it takes liberties with. You will be hard-pressed to find a better game about fishing than Fishing Hook APK.

Free of Cost

If you need more incentive to play Fishing Hook APK, how about if the game is completely free? You don’t have to pay a single penny to play the game; there are no hidden charges or content behind a paywall.

Multiple Species of Fish

Fishing Hook APK has a huge variety of fish; as you catch some of the common ones, you’ll be interested in the rare ones. The game has plenty of variety in the fish species; each species resides in a particular section of the sea, and it’s up to you to locate and catch them.

Useful Tips For Playing Fishing Hook APK

Fishing Hook APK is a game with relatively simple mechanics you’ll have to master to enjoy fully. If you’re struggling with those rare fish, we have some tips to help you.

Sacrifice Your Catch

The gameplay of Fishing Hook APK is not complex, you have to time the button presses to pull the fish out, and a lot of effort is required to catching the main fish. However, to increase your chances of securing a rare fish, consider throwing the caught fish back to sea. If you sacrifice the caught fish, the rarer fishes will come out of hiding, allowing you a chance to catch them.


When in doubt, practice making your fishing skills perfect. There’s no time limit in the game, and you can develop a better understanding of the game’s mechanics through trial and error. There’s no shame in putting in the hard work.

Final Thoughts

Fishing Hook APK is a fantastic game that you’ll enjoy immensely. I highly recommend it to fishing enthusiasts, and casual gamers can enjoy the game as well.

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