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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Size 258.27 Mb
Category Action
Developer Poxel Studios Games
Google Play Link com.PoxelStudios.DudeTheftAuto

Dude Theft Wars APK is an open-world game set in a huge city. You can explore the vast city, complete various quests, cause chaos have fun, and much more.

Introduction To Dude Theft Wars APK

Open-world games have been gaining a lot of popularity in the mobile gaming scene. Other video game genres such as First person shooter games or racing games are still getting more attention. However, what if there was a game that combines both racing, and first-person shooter games, and many more genres of video games? Well, that is exactly what we will look at today.

Dude Theft Wars APK is an open-world game set in a large bustling city. The game features cartoonish and quirky graphics with an equally cartoon-like storyline and objectives. As you explore this vast city, you can take part in various activities or missions as they are called in the game. These missions include car chases, shootouts, and various other fun missions to cause chaos in the quirky world you reside in.

In addition to the unique graphics and addicting gameplay, Dude Theft Wars APK also offers various customization options to change the appearance of characters and vehicles. These options range from clothing items, accessories, various characters to choose from, etc. You can also pick your preferred vehicle with again, a lot of different vehicles to choose from, including muscle cars, sports cars, planes, and even tanks! The gag about this game is that the residents of this cartoon city are not affected by your vehicle in the busy traffic, even if you are cruising around the streets in a TANK!

How To Play Dude Theft Wars APK 2024

  • Dude Theft Wars APK can run on any Android device with ease due to the graphics being very cartoonlike rather than realistic. The graphics do retain their unique form of appeal despite being so far from real life.
  • Anyhow, you can play the Dude Theft Wars APK game on your Android device by simply downloading the game for free using our trusted website APKCima.
  • To start off, tap the Dude Theft Wars APK download button.
  • This will start the download for the installation file of Dude Theft Wars APK latest version.
  • Your browser will ask you for permission for downloading the file at first and will warn you about the potential risks of the file being harmful and all.
  • Just tap download anyway, as this is a completely safe file so you have nothing to worry about.
  • Once you have the file, open the File Manager application on your Android device and head over to the recently downloaded files.
  • Here, search for the Dude Theft Wars APK free installation file you just downloaded.
  • Then run the file to express installation.
  • Your Android package installer will first ask you to turn on the option to express installation from this source at hand from the settings.
  • Simply tap settings on the pop-up and click allow from this source.
  • Complete the installation and launch Dude Theft Wars APK.
  • After loading in, click New Game.
  • You will find yourself in a huge city with a wide array of locations to explore.
  • Use the on-screen controls to move and control your character, and to interact with objects and NPCs.
  • There are countless activities to take part in and cause chaos in the city such as shootouts, races, car chases, etc.
  • As you progress through the game and the story, you can use the in-game currency you earn to unlock new weapons, vehicles, character customization accessories, etc.

Engaging Features In Dude Theft Wars APK

Dude Theft Wars APK offers a range of cool features that will keep you engaged with the game every time you play. We have given some of the features that stand out below.

Diverse Weapon Selection

Dude Theft Wars APK features very impressive first-person shooting mechanics despite being what seems like a janky game. Additionally, Dude Theft Wars APK also compliments this renowned gameplay with a wide array of weapons to choose from such as various guns, explosives, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, etc.

Comical Storyline

Dude Theft Wars APK is also known for the funny story they have featured in the game. This is done through the quirky and cartoonish graphics and art style, various missions that unveil the story, and most importantly, the comical dialogue.

Multiplayer Mode

A very entertaining multiplayer mode is also featured by Dude Theft Wars APK. Players can connect with each other and take part in various multiplayer minigames like races, deathmatches, etc.

Tips To Play Dude Theft Wars APK

We have given some tips below to help new players get the hang of Dude Theft Wars APK quickly and improve their gameplay.

Use Weapons Wisely

As mentioned earlier, Dude Theft Wars APK features a wide array of weapons to use. However, you cannot use them whenever you want without consequence. If it was not obvious already, this game is highly inspired by the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Similarly, just like in Grand Theft Auto games, if you use your firearms in the open in front of the public, citizens will report you and you will become wanted by the police for a short period. So always be careful before using your weapon.

Focus On Completing Missions

Completing missions in Dude Theft Wars APK rewards you with in-game currency. This currency is quite important if you want to unlock new weapons vehicles etc. You should focus on completing as many missions as you can at first, to get a decent amount of money that you can use to get your first set of weapons or vehicles. You can then have fun by challenging the police, messing around in the multiplayer mode, etc.


Dude Theft Wars APK will provide you with immersive gameplay that will keep you hooked and entertained for hours. So what are you waiting for? Download Dude Theft Wars APK now and stir up some chaos in the city!

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