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Compatible with Android 5.0+
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Category Simulation
Developer Socialpoint

Download Dragon City APK which offers money and gems to take care of the dragons. Dragon City Mobile APK is a super fun game with unique gameplay to have fun.

Introduction to Dragon City APK

Dragon City APK is an interesting simulation game that engages users with building a city and breeding dragons while you train them for wars and competition. Asides from breeding tons of dragons, you must try to complete the dragon book series.

In Dragon City APK, you will be engaged in many activities, but your main aim is to become the top Dragon Master in the game environment. There are over 50 million Dragon Masters in the city. Join the game, build your city and strive to be the top Dragon Master.

This game has incorporated many interesting elements to make the game fun, including building, breeding, capturing, and hatching many dragons. Each dragon in the game has special skills.

Dragon City APK Story Plot

This game has an interesting story that follows an ambitious character who wants to be the best and top Dragon Master in the city. The game environment is in the clouds where you will build your city.

As the player, when you open the game, you will be invited to a mysterious Island. On this island, there are many dragon species and other creatures that will be fit for war. Your aim is to build your city, capture many dragons,  breed them, mate, and hatch their eggs so you will have tons of dragons in your town, increasing your ability to be the top dragon master.

Besides that, you must complete the Dragon Book series. To achieve this, you will combine many dragon elements( fire, pure, nature, legend, etc.) to breed special breeds of dragons.

You can also summon other dragons from different cities to your city to check their skills, and if you find that they are a good fit for you, you will take care of them. This is super fun.

Download the Dragon City Mobile  APK to enjoy this story plot.

In-depth Description of Dragon City APK

Dragon City APK 2024 is the latest version of the game. This version has many features for players to explore, like the Dragon City APK offers everything, which makes you enjoy access to money, food, gems, etc., and in turn, helps you become the top dragon master. This game has many menus for players to enjoy smooth gameplay.

On our website, you will find the Dragon City APK latest version with all 2024 updated features to enjoy, like customizing your dragon with a new skin to distinguish you from other dragons. Also, in this version, you will get advanced game content kike building guardian dragon towers or opening the ancient world.

Social point developed and published the game with over 100 million downloads on google play. Anyone can play this game with its easy gameplay. Join millions of players worldwide to enjoy this game.

You can get the Dragon City APK download on our site without paying a dime.

Features of Dragon City Mobile APK

Below are the features this game offer player;

Great Interface

The great user interface Dragon City has will keep you attached to the game. It is easy to use and navigate with simple touchscreen controls.

In addition, Dragon City has beautiful content; the dragons are well-designed and attractive. The game environment is so eye-catching that you can't get over the view at a glance.

Become a Dragon Master

Remember that your top goal is to become the top Dragon Master, and to achieve this, you need to complete the dragon book series. This might be tacky because of the late number of dragon breeds and new ones .

You must start by growing and expanding your city, creating new habitats so that new dragon species can settle and grow, therefore expanding your city and, in turn, increasing your leverage as the Dragon Master.

Discover new dragons weekly

Dragon City APK introduces a new dragon to the game every week, providing players with various dragon species to choose from. Also, this gives you access to the new habitats and evolution. This is super fun.

Customize your dragon

Players can customize the dragon with new skins to stand out among other dragons. This feature is interesting as you will get money to change the dragon skin in the Dragon City Mobile APK.

Engage in solving quests

Another feature to explore is engaging in daily quests to boost your power and earn gems. Dragon City offers this feature to ensure that the game is not boring to players.

Cross-platform support

Players can confidently play this game on their phone or PC. Dragon City supports cross-platform playing. You can carry your dragon city anywhere on your devices. This is super interesting.


If you love dragons and breeding animals, you can consider playing this game with awesome gameplay and storyplot. Join millions of players worldwide to explore this game and become the dragon master.

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