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DOOM APK 1.0.11



Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Size 324.6 MB
Category Action
Developer Bethesda Softworks LLC
Google Play Link com.bethsoft.DOOM

The revolutionary FPS Doom APK makes a glorious return. In Doom APK Android you slay monsters using powerful weapons and escape the hellish planet as a hero.

Doom APK: Reliving The Glory Days Of The FPS Genre

If you’re a gamer from the 90s, chances are you’ve played or at least heard of the game that perfected the first-person shooter genre, Doom APK download. There was nothing like Doom APK free at the time of its release, and it served as the blueprint of so many other games.

Doom APK is a re-release of the classic retro game, complete with modern controls for handheld devices like Mobile. You’ll be playing the unnamed hero who will fight tooth and nail for his survival and slay thousands of monsters he comes across to save the earth.

Doom APK has a lot of elements of Sci-fi and puzzle solving; you won’t be able to enter every section of the game right away, some for plot convenience, others because you will need to unlock them by finding keys. Gunplay is where Doom APK truly shines, and combat is as satisfying as it is visceral.

You constantly rush to the next safe zone to catch your breath in Doom APK. The monsters are unrelenting and numerous; they will keep chasing and attacking you until you’ve slaughtered them all or fled the stage.

Background Story: Doom APK

Doom APK has a very engaging plot, and we are introduced to the main character, a soldier sentenced to an alien planet as punishment for disobeying the orders of a corrupt senior commander.

The planet is populated by hostile creatures that are mindless and persistent in their intent to eradicate any human they come across, and we have to fight our way to the spaceship which will allow us to escape this hellish planet.

How to Play Doom APK?

  1. Doom APK is a classic game with retro visuals, so it has a small file size despite having a huge gameplay compressed within. You won’t have to wait long to dive into the game, as the game can run smoothly even on high-end devices after downloading and installation.
  2. Doom APK has a HUD that will display every important stat you’ll need to keep track of, especially when you’re in the thick of things. The health and armor will prevent you from dying, so maintaining both should be the priority, but you can’t underestimate the ammo count.
  3. Doom APK is a difficult game, it won’t hold your hand, and if you lose focus, you will be punished. The enemy A.I is also smart and unrelenting, the monsters won’t give up coming after you, and a single slip-up could mean it’s lights out for you.
  4. Doom APK brings fast-paced action with adrenaline-pumping gun fights that will constantly keep the pressure on you. You will need to manage your ammo and conserve the special weapons for the boss fights, as they are on a different level of difficulty.
  5. Doom APK rewards players for completing optional side quests, but you should not think they’re any less important. The rewards you get from the side quests make them well worth pursuing.

Exciting Features of Doom APK to Lookout For

Doom APK is the start of a beloved franchise that kickstarted the entire FPS genre. The features it brought have been adopted into the modern iteration of every shooter game on the market. We will shed light on some of the game’s important features.

Adrenaline Pumping Gun Fights

Doom APK has quick and impactful gun fights. Each gunshot and recoil of the weapons in the game feel like there’s weight behind every blow, and with the enemies always coming at you from all angles, you will be fighting off hordes of them just to survive.

It’s best to move around the map and navigate between gaps to find breathing room between multiple enemies. The guns will be your best friends in carving out paths, sometimes quite literally using chainsaw blades as melee weapons.

Awesome Weapon Arsenal

Doom APK is the game that popularized special weapons like shotgun. The heavy weapons didn’t have the same impact in games before Doom APK, and it is because of this Doom APK became a pioneer of having multiple weapons that packed a wallop.

In Doom APK you get rifles, pistols, laser guns, snipers, and grenades that keep you alive against waves of enemies. The special weapons’ ammo is rare, and you’ll have to ration your inventory wisely.

Puzzle Solving & Platforming

Doom APK also is one of the first games that added puzzle-solving mechanics integrated into the story. The blocked stages will open up once the story has progressed past certain stages, and new areas bring about new environments.

Doom APK has platforming sections you’ll need to cross to proceed to the next stage. The lava and spiked floor traps will surprise you if you’re not careful, and it’s instant death for the protagonist.

Useful Tips for Playing Doom APK

Doom APK is challenging for players used to easy modes or modern games that spoon-feed the players all kinds of hints. We’ll give you some useful tips for making you a pro at the game.

Pay Attention to Dialogue & Hints

The plot of Doom APK isn’t light, and it’s a grand sci-fi story that unfolds with twists and turns as you play through the campaign. The story dialogue and hints in the environments will give you clues to look out for secrets spread across the different stages of the world.

Don’t Rush and Prioritize Enemy Types

Doom APK has no shortage of enemies, both in quantity and variety. You will have to plan out your assault and weigh your options. Whether you go in guns blazing or fight and flight, there is no wrong answer, as the game is punishing if you falter during battle.

Final Thoughts

The impact of Doom APK on the gaming industry cannot be denied, and this is the perfect chance to relive the classic that changed the FPS landscape. I highly recommend checking it out.

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