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Criminal Case APK 2.41



Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Size 73.94 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer Pretty Simple
Google Play Link com.prettysimple.criminalcaseandroid

Criminal Case APK is a brilliant puzzle game that will keep you hooked. Criminal Case APK download brings its own spin by allowing friends to assist in investigations.

Criminal Case APK: Put On Your Detective Hat & Solve Murder Mysteries

Criminal Case APK Android is similar to classic point-and-click detective games but with enough of an original twist that it’s worth playing. In Criminal Case APK full, you play as the lead investigator assigned murder cases to discover the killer’s true identity and arrest them to bring them to justice.

Criminal Case APK has a user-friendly interface, where most actions happen by touching or tapping on the device’s screen. Each case in Criminal Case APK feels fresh and unique, and the dialogue has interesting details which can hide clues. You have to pay attention when interviewing suspects and witnesses to pick up important details.

Criminal Case APK is designed to make you feel smarter for figuring things out, it’s not too difficult to the point that it feels frustrating, but it’s not very easy either. The different forms of investigations, from interviews, searching for evidence at the crime scene, and analyzing samples, provide enough variety that things feel fresh and not boring.

Criminal Case APK is very colorful and eye-catching; the graphics of the game do their job well to create a beautiful spectacle. The level of detail in each scenario is impressive, and the backgrounds are distinct from one another, making the game fun to look at, and it motivates players to scan every inch of the level to look for clues.

Background Story: Criminal Case APK

Criminal Case APK has no overarching story, but the general theme of corruption and criminal motivation is present in every case. We play the role of a detective working with the Police of Grimsborough to solve murder cases.

In Criminal Case APK we find out the backstories of the elements of the different cases as we interrogate suspects, but each case is separate and doesn’t tie into any previous case.

How to Play Criminal Case APK?

  1. The file size of Criminal Case APK isn’t very big, so you won’t have to wait long for the game to finish downloading and installing on your device. Once the game is on your device, you can start playing immediately.
  2. The lack of an overarching narrative in Criminal Case APK means that you get thrust into the murder cases from the start, and each level is presented with some information about the murder. The rest of the information is uncovered as you slowly trace the connections from your investigation of the crime scene.
  3. Criminal Case APK relies on the touch screen mechanic. You can pick up different objects or pull and push on drawers and open doors and windows, and the view will shift to close range as you look for fingerprints and other DNA samples. The game makes you feel involved in an actual investigation as its lead detective.
  4. A big part of the gameplay of Criminal Case APK is the interrogation section; you have to remember to pay attention to the words of each suspect and consult your cataloged information to see if things add up. The criminals will lie and try their best to avoid being caught, and you cleverly catch them when they slip up.
  5. The developers of Criminal Case APK have devised an ingenious way for players to seek assistance from their friends in the game. You can get a friend to join your investigation, and the two of you will search for clues together; if you miss something, they can point it out, and vice versa.

Exciting Features of Criminal Case APK to Lookout For

Criminal Case APK has many exciting features for you to discover, and we will cover a few of them to help you understand the game.

Beautiful Graphics

The graphics of Criminal Case APK are very beautiful for a game on Android devices. The aesthetic and facial animations of characters, especially the criminals, mesh well together, and the various backgrounds also match the vibe of the detective game.

Ambience & Moody Soundtrack

The sound design of Criminal Case APK is fantastic and sets the tone for the game. Despite the beautiful visuals, you are investigating murder cases. When the music kicks up as soon as the criminal is under pressure, it adds to the satisfaction when they’re put behind bars.

Dog Companion

In Criminal Case APK, a pet dog accompanies our character, and we can play small mini-games to pass the time between cases. The dog also sometimes helps sniff out suspects, and it’s a nice change of pace if you want to take a break from investigation work.

Assistance Mechanic

While Criminal Case APK is made to be played alone, the assistance mechanic has added a fun dynamic to the gameplay. You can call on friends to join you in the investigation, and it’s really helpful because fresh eyes can pick up on things you could miss out on.

Helpful Tips For Playing Criminal Case APK

Criminal Case APK is easy to play, but if you need help, then we have some tips.

Try to Solve Cases Quickly

There is no reason to rush things, but if you solve cases quickly in Criminal Case APK, you will get a better reward than if you were to finish late. Some of the game’s achievements are tied to quickly solving the cases.

Use Assistance Mechanic

Criminal Case APK becomes more fun if you involve a friend to investigate the cases with you. The game won’t punish you for it; you can use the assistance to solve cases faster than on your own.

Final Verdict

Criminal Case APK is a certified hit, and I highly recommend checking it out. You will have a blast playing through the hundreds of cases and enjoy your time with the game.

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