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Embark on an intense war path as a young university student named Ken Ken in College Brawl APK. This is a 2D action-packed beat 'em up game developed by Supercell.


College students are always up to no good universally, sometimes it’s insane partying and sometimes it’s rowdy behavior. College Brawl APK focuses on the latter and follows the story of Ken, a young man with a score to settle.

Developed by Supercell, College Brawl APK harkens back to classic arcade fighting games where the screen is sprawling with enemies cruising for a bruising. You take control of a lone character and unleash hell upon anyone in your path.

The story of College Brawl APK kicks off after some of your friends were robbed of all their belongings by a nefarious group. Upon learning this, your blood boils and your eyes see red. This event sets you out on a war path against the elite Kat group, a group of brutal warriors that torment the area.

Brawl your way through countless of enemies as you move from level to level awaiting the next challenge. The game’s 2D graphics really shine in this game as it brings about a nostalgic feeling, especially for players who loved the old style of games in the early 2000s. Environments are scenic and look very vivid, character els are also well done with fighting animations looking buttery smooth.

Fights in College Brawl APK are intense and brutal. Button mashing is not an option as enemy A.I is very sharp and will overwhelm you if you don’t have a strategy. Manage your health and use anything you may find to better your chances of winning the fight. All is fair in a street fight so go crazy!

How to Play College Brawl APK

Game Flow

  • College Brawl APK starts you off as the character, Ken.
  • It is a beat 'em up so your objective is to clear all the enemies on screen.
  • You will travel through many areas around campus and beyond fighting enemies.
  • Once the screen is cleared of enemies move forward to the next section.
  • You start with basic fighting skills and limited resources.
  • As you go along, you will earn rewards that will get you upgrades.
  • Level up your character to keep up with the opponents and suffer less defeats.
  • Keep watch of your health bar, if it depletes you will die and lose the level.
  • Resources and items such as weapons are limited and will wear out with time.


Exciting Features to Look Out for in College Brawl APK

  • Intense Fighting Mechanics

College Brawl APK features some of the best 2D fighting experiences with its fluid combat system that allows you to stream multiple attacks and combinations subduing enemies with ease.

  • Simple Button Layout

A fighting game can be greatly affected by a poor button layout but this is where College Brawl APK thrives. The game has a very easy-to-pick-up layout which would take you a short time to adapt to. After a few brawls, the positioning of buttons goes into muscle memory and in no time, you will be flinging enemies left and right with ease.

  • Challenging Boss Battles

The boss battles in College Brawl APK are something to behold, not only are the leaders of the Red Kat strong, they also have unique abilities. Boss battles bring you closer to taking down the organization and are arguably the most exciting parts of the game by far.

  • Vast Customization Options

Express yourself through your character by customizing their appearance with different outfits available in the game. You also get to customize your weapons giving you the freedom to play the game in a way that suits you.

  • Numerous Environments

Fighting in one area becomes monotonous and so to curb this, College Brawl APK switches up the environment constantly keeping things fresh. Locations all have attributes and obstacles unique to them with no two areas feeling identical from a visual or gameplay POV.

Useful tips for Features of College Brawl APK

  • Keep an eye on your health levels


Your vitality is what will keep you going and is the only thing that can stop you from getting revenge on the Red Kat group. When going into fights, make sure to watch your health bar constantly. When your health is low collect foodstuffs to replenish it slightly.

  • Collect items scattered across the level

Collecting items is a big part of College Brawl  APK, most times you can find weapons and food items laying on the ground which will aid you on your warpath.

  • Plan your attacks

Fights in the game can get really intense when numerous enemies start flocking toward you, it is best to ease back and plan your approach. Seclude enemies and pick them apart one by one instead of rushing a group to better your chances of winning the fight.

  • Upgrade your character to make him stronger and more durable

Each time you progress through a level in College Brawl APK, you will earn HP points. These HP points are immensely useful and can make the difference in every fight. HP points can be used to unlock better attacks and techniques for Ken as well as improve his health bar allowing him to keep on fighting

College Brawl APK Download

College Brawl APK for Android is an enhanced version of the game for those that want to bash enemies without having to worry about pesky health bars and other limitations.

This version gives you almost all the game features and levels from the beginning giving you the freedom to fight through each level and unlock more.

Move through levels like a god after upgrading your character by fully unlocking all techniques and powers. You also earn coins as you play to purchase whatever you want from the in-game store.


Download College Brawl APK free right now to let out any steam you’ve built up by bashing enemies into a pulp. The game is a wildly enjoyable experience and is a good time waster once you get into it.

Download College Brawl [46 MB]
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