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Bus Simulator Indonesia APK 3.7.1



Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Size 848.9 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Maleo
Google Play Link com.maleo.bussimulatorid
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Download Bus Simulator Indonesia APK to enjoy unlimited fuel as you transport passengers and access the Bus Simulator Indonesia APK.

Description of Bus Simulator Indonesia APK

Bus Simulator Indonesia APK is an entertaining simulator game. This game is similar to Bus Simulator ultimate. However, the game environment is in a specific location (Indonesia). The original was in European cities. Bus Simulator Indonesia APK allows users to transport passengers to different locations in Indonesia.

Though this game is location-specific, anyone from around the world can play this game. This game is unique with the specificity in location, and also, players choose what they want in the game, that is, the direction they want to go, the vehicle to use, the outfit, and many more. As you progress in the game, the harder it gets; however, there is nothing to fear once you understand the game mechanics.

As you drive passengers to different locations in Indonesia, you don't have to worry about fuel exhaustion. Bus Simulator Indonesia APK 2023 provides unlimited fuel. When you notice the bus fuel is running down, you can easily access the unlimited fuel.

Bus Simulator Indonesia APK latest version has updated features compared to the Bus Simulator Indonesia APK. Aside from the unlimited fuel you enjoy in the version. You will access Bus Simulator Indonesia APK Unlimited Money which you can use to upgrade and customize your Bus.

Unlocking new buses in the game costs a lot of money, ranging from 100,000Rp to 1.8million RP. However, you don't have to worry about the money once you get the Bus Simulator Indonesia APK download. These features cannot be overlooked in enjoying a smooth gaming experience. The developers of this game thereby give an Indonesian natural environment, even though most passengers dress and behave like Indonesian. This is awesome as it gives off a realistic game experience.

Maleo developed and published this game with over 50 million downloads and users on google play; anyone can play this game as they please. Join millions of gamers worldwide to play this game.


There is no ambiguity in Bus Simulator Indonesia Gameplay. You will play as a bus driver. Indonesia engaged in the activity of transporting passengers to different places in Indonesia. As the game's name says, the game environment is in Indonesia and Asia cities. You must be a good driver in transporting your passengers.

Players are responsible for driving, pick-up and dropping off passengers at locations along many bus stops. Your distance changes as you progress in this game, and several factors can affect your movement, like traffic, weather conditions, topography, etc.

The harder it gets, the bigger your bonus. Bus Simulator Indonesia gameplay is straightforward, with an easy control system and features. You don't have to go for distance worrying about fuel when you download Bus Simulator Indonesia APK. You have access to unlimited fuel and money. Download Bus Simulator Indonesia APK Now!

Features of Bus Simulator Indonesia

Below are some distinguishing features of Bus Simulator Indonesia;

Realistic Indonesia Bus Designs

Maleo (the developers) made this game realistic and fun for players by incorporating Indonesian bus designs in-depth. There are different Indonesian buses in this game that give off unique designs from various brands in Indonesia.

Easy User Interface

Bus Simulator Indonesia is easy to play and navigate. There are no complex settings and features in the game; hence anyone can play the game.

Simple Controls

Here is another outstanding feature of Bus Simulator Indonesia, it is easy to control the car movement. There are three major control options in this game, throttle, steering wheel, and bricks.

You can move the vehicle through the button control, where you will find the steering wheel, which allows you to move in the left or right direction. Also, the throttle, gear, brake, and accelerator are available to control your speed. You will enjoy simple controls like you are driving in the real world in this game.

Customize your buses

Developers of this game incorporated many features to engage players. One of them is the customization feature which allows you to turn the buses to your desired look and preference.

You can change or replace the bus parts. There are over 30 items you can customize in the game.

Diverse Game Modes

Bus Simulator Indonesia APK is fun with its diverse Game Mode. Players are engaged in three different modes such as career mode, free play, and multiplayer mode. In the career mode, you will play through various missions and challenges with many bonuses. In the free play mode, you will play your way. There are no restrictions, but you have to drive safely. Lastly, the multiplayer mode, whereby you play with other online players, is impressive.


Download Bus Simulator Indonesia APK and enjoy driving unique Gameplay and many features.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia [848.9 MB]
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