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Compatible with Android 5.0+
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Developer Blobfish

Brotato APK is the one of the best 2D top down action Roguelite game available right now. Survive each wave by defeating incoming monsters!

Introduction To Brotato APK – The Game of Potatoes

Roguelite games have been on the rise in both the mobile and pc gaming community recently. Brotato APK is one of these Roguelite games where you are playing as a potato fighting monsters and aliens. It is a top down 2D game arena survival game.

Brotato was first released on PC and is now available on mobile as well. The game features tons of unlockable characters, each with unique starting buffs. There are a lot of stats that you need to consider, each having a different effect on the character for example Damage, Luck, Movement Speed, etc. Despite this, the game retains its simplicity and can be played by anyone.

You have to survive in a wave style fashion instead of the typical stage system in other famous Roguelite games. The enemies you defeat have little green drops that act as money and exp. Everytime a wave is over you get to use your money to buy items in the shop from among 4 random items or weapons. If you collected enough coins to level up, you will get to choose an upgrade with again, random upgrades. Both the shop and level up upgrades can be Rerolled by using some money.

How To Play Brotato APK

  • Brotato is an amazing game, but unfortunately it is not a free game on PlayStore. Luckily, you can now play Brotato for free on your Android device by using our website APKCima.
  • Click on the Brotato APK download link, your Android device will warn you about the file you wish to download.
  • Click Download Anyway, this is a completely safe Brotato APK Android installation file.
  • While you are waiting for the file to finish downloading, go into your settings and allow installation from Unknown Sources. This can be found in the security section, and is required for installing Brotato APK.
  • Once the Brotato APK game’s installation file finishes downloading, run the file and express installation. If you are having difficulty finding the file, it should be in the recently downloaded files.
  • After the installation process is complete launch Brotato APK.
  • Load into the game and the press start.
  • Choose your character, choose your weapon and difficulty, and start your first run.
  • The waves in Brotato APK work based on a timer rather than defeating all enemies.
  • Defeat enemies to collect coins and exp to buy items and weapons from the shop and upgrades for leveling up.
  • Survive for as long as possible.

Exciting Brotato APK Features To Lookout For

Brotato APK offers lots of cool features that all work together to make the game as appealing as it is. Here are some of the most prominent features of Brotato APK.

Auto Attacking

Brotato APK is made very simple with the auto attack feature. You can opt for manual aiming but for a casual gamer, auto attacking is the way to go. This makes the game stay simple. The entirety of the game’s controls are just a joystick you use for movement.

Countless Items And Weapons

As mentioned earlier, Brotato APK has a shop which you can access after every wave. The items or weapons avaible for you to buy will be 4 random ones from a catalog of hundreds! Similarly, there are lots of upgrades in the game, you can choose 1 from a set of 4 random ones every time you level up and the wave ends.

These items, upgrades, and weapons also have rarities; ranging from grey, blue, purple, and red, grey being the most common and red being the least common and also the best. You can equip upto 6 weapons at once and also combine 2 of the same rarity to get one of the next rarity.

Accessibility Options

There are many good Roguelite games out there that many players love. But the issue with most of these games is that they can only be enjoyed by players who have been playing this genre for quite some time and are relatively good at them. Brotato APK however is a game that anyone can play. Its difficulty can rise quite a bit as you progress through the waves, but it can be toned down by setting the difficulty level at the start of a run. The game offers 5 difficulty levels and various other accessibility options like tweaking hp, damage, and speed of enemies etc.

Tips To Play Brotato APK

Here are some helpful tips you can use to improve your gameplay and reach higher skill waves in Brotato.

Create Stat Synergies

As mentioned earlier, at the start of every run, you get to choose any character from the large character pool, so long as you have them unlocked. Each character has a different passive ability regarding one stat or the other. Choose a character with a stat buff or ability that suits your playstyle, and then choose respective items and upgrades. This way you can buff the stat lines that work best with each other and get stronger exponentially.

Utilize Money Efficiently

This is something you can only learn overtime, but it is one of the most important factors that determine the outcome of your run. You can waste all your money on rerolls hoping for a high rarity weapon or item to show up, or you can use you money efficiently and buy only items that you need and save the rest. Sometimes you will require rerolls, but the price of a reroll increases everytime you buy one.


If you are a fan of Roguelite games but you cannot commit to long runs in them, Brotato APK is just for you. All its runs will be under 30 minutes, yet give you the high quality action and gameplay you crave!

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