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Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Size 158.85 Mb
Category Casual
Developer TakeOne Company
Google Play Link com.takeonecompany.bptg1

Need an outlet for your inner blink? Blackpink The Game APK is a world created just for you. Unleash your inner fashionista and dress up the famous Blackpink members.

Introduction To Blackpink The Game APK

Being a Blackpink fan, Blackpink The Game APK is the best gift you could possibly get. The game is set in the K-pop world where you are the director of BlackPink. Jennie Kim, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé are under your care and are dependent on your guidance. It is now your responsibility to help them climb to the top in the competitive world of show-biz. You can dress them up into all sorts of fashionable outfits, train them for their performances, and interact with other players with the help of the built-in mini-games.

The mini-games are of several types, and each one is rewarding in one way or another. There  are puzzles and quizzes that you can complete to get a sneak peek into unreleased records, earn in-game currency, and even get a hold of exclusive content. You unlock new features along the way.

Blackpink The Game APK has a total of seven chapters, and each chapter is further divided into substages, all of which combined make 80 levels. No two chapters are alike, each one is based on a different concept with different difficulty levels. This makes the game ever-enjoyable for you. You can easily immerse yourself in the world of Blackpink The Game APK and let your inner blink take the stage!

How To Play Blackpink The Game APK

  • Download Blackpink The Game APK Latest Version from our website. If you have gotten this far, then it means that you have already found our trusted website.
  • Search for the Blackpink The Game APK Download link and click on it without hesitation because we ensure the safety of your device.
  • You will require third-party download permission from your phone, so head to your settings and turn on the option for allowing downloads from unknown sources.
  • Your game should be downloaded and ready for installation, open Blackpink The Game APK file from recent downloads to complete the process.
  • After opening the app, you will have to sign up. This is just to make the game a little more personalized and to track your progress.
  • You are then brought to the main menu, here you can pick the game mode that you are most interested in. There are going to be several of them to choose from, for example, the story mode, or the dance mode.
  • You will have to get a grip on the controls, different actions are used to represent different motions in the game depending on the mode.
  • Work your way through the levels and earn rewards on the way.
  • The game has different difficulty levels, as you progress, you are going to have to put in more concentration and effort to advance to the next level.
  • Dress up the members of Blackpink in your favored fashion styles using the 1000+ outfits to pick from. You can unlock new ones using the in-game currency and rewards that you win by playing the game.
  • Interact with other players by connecting online and taking part in challenges to showcase your skills.


Stunning Features Of Blackpink The Game APK  

Blackpink The Game APK For Android has become a quickly popular game, and that is all thanks to the awesome features that have been programmed into the game.

Become A Part Of The Blackpink Community

Blackpink The Game APK is a very interactive game, you can also talk to and compete against other players. The team you trained will be on display and your preferences will be out in the open for other Blackpink fans to see. You can also get inspiration from checking out the efforts that other players might have put in. You can also share your achievements with the Blink community.

Exciting Rewards

The rewards for completing challenges or winning games can range from simple in-game cash and outfits to getting a hold of exclusive content like unreleased tracks and even some behind the scene clips that were never published. You also get to see the characters in another light as the bloopers and behind the scene clips show you the reality of the members of Blackpink. And as a die-hard fan, that can be pretty rewarding.


Personalized Gameplay

Blackpink The Game APK gives you an open choice in how you want to dress up your members, which mode you want to play in and make your own schedule. This gives the players a lot of freedom. The story mode also has multiple scenarios, each loading to a different ending.

Tips To Improve Your Experience With Blackpink The Game APK

The following few tips will ensure an exciting experience playing the game.

Try Out All The Features

Trying different modes will allow you to never get bored. Similarly, don’t just stick to one style, try out different outfits, and be bold when you make those choices. The game has a lot of cool features including minigames, and challenges. Try to stay updated on all of them for the best experience.

Practice The Controls

Different gestures have different meanings, and you will have to master them all for the best performances, especially when it comes to the dance mode. Therefore, spend as much time as you can so that you can complete challenges and win exclusive rewards.


To sum it up, Blackpink The Game APK is a highly interactive and rewarding game for Blackpink fans. It gives the players a view into the lives of the well-loved K-pop idols. The winning prizes for challenges are too good to pass on. Players are free to try on bold fashion and create new styles. The game is perfect for your inner Blink! So download now and dive into the exciting show-biz world of Blackpink.

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