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Compatible with Android 5.0+
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Category Simulation
Developer Jhon Capybara Dev
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Another Girl in The Wall APK explores all the zany situations you could find yourself in if you were to catch a mysterious girl stuck between a wall unable to move.


The game is a fun interactive experience that puts you in a hilariously funny situation, there’s a girl stuck between a wall and you’re the only person who can help her. Another Girl in The Wall is a point-and-click game with numerous sequences to select and cycle through each with a unique response. The game serves to amuse and play out the wacky things someone could come up with if they were to find someone wedged between a wall.

Let your imagination run wild in this one-of-a-kind experience with a unique twist. The plot takes place in a city with a secret unknown to most, apparently, there have been talks of numerous disappearances with people suspecting that the victims have been murdered and their bodies hidden. This draws a lot of attention to the city, especially to one house in particular.

The house in question was the scene of a gruesome murder that happened a while back in the city. The story was common news for the city folk but for you, it raised more questions than answers. This revelation forces you to conduct your own investigation into the happenings around the murder and the secrets the house may hold.

Recent sightings claim there is a girl who inhabits the house and occasionally peeps through the window. You take the leap of faith and decide to step into the house even though no one has been inside it for years. Once you step in, the door immediately shuts, and it doesn’t take you long to realize you are now trapped in the house. This begins your eventful journey into Another Girl in The Wall APK.

How to Play Another Girl in The Wall APK

  • Another Girl in The Wall APK is a point-and-click action game.
  • Different options display different animations and reactions.
  • X-Ray mode – scans the girl.
  • Switch characters with the character selection mode.
  • Remove articles of clothing.
  • Change body features.

Exciting Features to Look Out for in Another Girl in The Wall APK

  • Anime-inspired art style


The game's character models are Japanese-inspired and resemble art styles of popular Japanese shows. Girl in The Wall APK will give you a number of girl characters you can interchange at any time even after the game has started.

  • Unique Animations

Each of the options you select from the actions menu prompts a different unique animation and response from the character. The animations are really detailed with every movement being accurately depicted much like the real thing.

  • Simple Gameplay

The game is a fun time waster with no actual gameplay just button prompts that get different reactions. The game’s simplistic nature makes it easily approachable to anyone looking for a quick dose of dopamine.

  • Play in Different Orientations

Another Girl in The Wall can be played in either orientation making it easily accessible to play even while you’re on the go. The game will automatically adjust the layout the moment you adjust it, minimizing the options and adjusting the position of the girl.

  • Small subscription fee to access all features

When starting out playing Another Girl in The Wall, you will be able to access most of the features. However, there is a small subscription fee to access a lot more animations and actions you can perform on the girl in the wall.

  • An Ad-free Experience (Premium)

Experience an uninterrupted experience in Another Girl in The Wall APK by getting a subscription get all ads removed. The ads sour the experience, so the choice to remove them helps further the immersion by removing all distractions and letting you focus on the game.

  • Stunning graphics

Although graphics don’t make a game, Another Girl in The Wall APK makes no compromises and serves you up with beautifully drawn graphics that will visually entertain you for hours.

  • A ton of customization options


Straight from the start, the game gives you everything it has to offer. There are no secret in-app purchases for cosmetics or features. You get a number of women to choose from each with different clothing and different appearances.

Useful tips for Features of Another Girl in The Wall APK

  • Attempt different combinations to get different responses.

The only limit is your imagination, so let it run wild. Use all of the options and choices you have in the game to get the most out of it and keep you engrossed.

  • Slow-Mo Removal

Take your time with characters when removing and putting back articles of clothing. Another Girl in The Wall APK features slow undressing, creating suspense and tension that is sure to keep you on edge as you play.

  • Utilize X-ray Mode

See more than you should with the X-ray Mode. The mysterious girl stuck in the wall has her lower body on the other side and her upper body peeking out the other side. The questionable position you found her in seems unusual to say the least so the X-ray Mode is your best friend to avoid any surprises.

Another Girl in The Wall APK Download

Download Another Girl in The Wall APK Android to start teasing your character with different pranks and activities.

In addition, you can purchase a subscription from the original developers to get rid of all ads in the game leaving you with a pure experience like the developer intended.

Interact with the girls on screen without sacrificing precious screen space to advertisements, that is the greatest perk of this game and makes it an unbeatable choice.


Another Girl in The Wall APK is a simple amusing game to play when you’re comfortably relaxing and have a couple of minutes to spare.

The game gives you unlimited freedom to tackle the challenges and puzzles in any way you see fit. It is perfect for anyone who is a fan of simulation and roleplaying games where you have full control over a character nd their choices.

Download Another Girl In The Wall [75 MB]
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