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Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Size 1.59 Gb
Category Racing
Developer Exptional Global
Google Play Link com.netease.racerna

Download Ace Racer APK to race and compete agaisnt other players. Experience ultra realistic driving mechanics and physics engine in the futuristic cyberpunk style.

Ace Racer APK: Race To Reach The Top

Racing games have been always been a major part of the gaming community, but recently, their popularity has spiked upwards. Ace Racer APK is one of these racing games for all Android devices. It is a high speed diving simulator to give the players the adrenaline rush they crave. Players can race against others in real time on various different tracks.

The game has a futuristic setting and in turn has various cool futuristic cars that the player can unlock and use. Racing games have only been getting better and better in terms of the game’s mechanics, controls, graphics and visuals, etc. Ace Racer APK mobile is no exception, it has some of the most impressive visuals any mobile racing game offers right now. Additionally, it has some really user friendly controls to make it easy to pick up even for people who are not familiar with these sorts of games.

In today’s day and age, buying a gaming console or a PC specifically for playing video games can be a waste. You can instead enjoy most games on your Android device. Ace Racer APK is the perfect game for players who enjoy mobile gaming and want to experience the realistic and thrilling experience of high speed driving for free.

How To Play Ace Racer APK

  • The Ace Racer APK download link is available for free on APKCima, our website.
  • This link will start downloading the installation file for Ace Racer APK Android.
  • While the file is downloading, open settings in your Android device and enable installation from unknown sources. This option can be found in the Security section.
  • Now wait for the installation file to download. The download size is relatively larger than other games due to its high graphical requirement, but it should not take too long to complete.
  • Once it completes, head over to the file manager on your Android device and run the file to start Ace Racer APK’s installation process.
  • The installation procedure is very straightforward, go through with it and you should be able to launch Ace Racer APK.
  • Press play and choose your desired gamemode. There are several gamemodes including Single Player tracks, Multiplayer races, and Time Trials.
  • You will be given a starting car, but there are countless more cars that you can unlock or buy as you continue playing the game.
  • Pick your car and then pick the track you want to race on, similar to cars, you will initially have just a handful of tracks, but you will unlock many more later.
  • Cick start race, wait for the game to load in and the countdown to finish.
  • Use the controls available on screen to control your car which are very self explainatory.

Exciting Features Of Ace Racer APK

There are many racing games available for mobile gamers to play, but Ace Racer has some features that makes it stand out and a better option to go for. These features improve the gameplay and make for a more enjoyable session of high speed racing. Let’s take a look at a few of these below.

Stunning Visuals

As mentioned earlier as well, Ace Racer APK has one of the most impressive graphics and visuals any mobile racing game can offer. From car models and paint jobs (wraps) to highly detailed tracks and environments, Ace Racer APK perfects it all. All that with a fully working and well made physics engine makes a very engaging experience for the player.

Competitive Multiplayer

Aside from a set of tracks with obstacles and challenges to complete in the single player mode, Ace Racer APK offers a full fledge multiplayer side with a competitive nature. You can race players in real time and use your driving skills to best on various tracks. You can also track your global ranking from the Leaderboard and work towards increasing it by winning more races.


Ace Racer APK offers a lot of different cars each with its own pros and cons. You can choose ones that fit your play-style. There are lots of customization options including ones for changing your car’s looks and also for increasing your car’s stats.

Tips For Playing Ace Racer

New players may feel overwhelmed or find it a bit difficult to progress in the game efficiently. For that we have given some tips below to help players improve their gameplay.

Upgrade Your Car

Ace Racer provides various different ways to upgrade your car. Using the ingame resources, buy the different ECU installations and upgrades to help improve their performance. Additionally, try different Nitro configurations. Each configuration has a different charge amount and duration. Try them and choose one that fits your playstyle.

Learn In Game Techniques

Ace Racer has a lot of techniques that you can learn to improve your time on time trails and win races more often. These range from learning the right timings for each Nitro configuration, mastering the controls to manuever better, memorising the tracks to expect obstacles and creating a plan respectively, and many more.

These can come naturally with time but if you dedicate a little bit of time to them, you can learn them a lot faster and see quite a lot of improvement in your gameplay instantly.


Mobile racing games have never been more popular than they are right now, and Ace Racer APK is one of the best options available. It has everything a good racing game needs, from exceptional graphics to adrenaline inducing gameplay. If you are a fan of mobile racing games and are in the market for one, give Ace Racer APK a shot, you will not regret it.

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